ING expects future leaders to be inspiring and able to set clear direction. But above all to be highly skilled in the business of banking. Therefore you choose a Track – an intensive career path that corresponds with one of our areas of activities: Retail Banking, Wholesale Banking, Finance, Risk or IT. Each track exposes you to in-depth knowledge of the relevant business area, teaches you project management skills and develops the leadership skills necessary for complex environments. All tracks prepare you to become a leading banker who achieves sustainable results for our customers.

Please note: The availability of tracks differ per country.

Our tracks

  • Wholesale Banking

    Could you truly understand our clients business and become a trusted advisor?

    Because that is what Wholesale Banking is about. The Wholesale Banking Track of the ING International Talent Programme introduces you to a dynamic, competitive and international environment. In doing so, it prepares you for a career as a far sighted banker, able to truly understand your client's business, becoming a trusted advisors who achieves sustainable results with and for our client.

    This track is available in: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States

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  • Retail Banking

    Could you bring better banking to millions of people?

    That’s what the Retail Banking Track of the ING International Talent Programme is all about. Every step of the way you’ll be coached in all there is to know about retail banking in the 21st century. You’ll acquire real expertise, develop new skills, access valuable networks and decide the goals you want to aim for.

    This track is available in: Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Italy

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  • Information Technology

    Do you want to innovate now to ensure future success?

    The IT Track of the ING International Talent Programme gives you the opportunity to work at the cutting-edge of financial technology. Quite simply, IT underpins everything we do and today's innovations will define the future of our company and shape the future of banking.

    This track is available in: Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey

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  • Risk

    Do you know how to balance opportunity with risk?

    The Risk track of the IITP involves working with our Financial Risk divisions such as Corporate Credit Risk Management and Corporate Market Risk Management. Credit Risk manages all risks related to the loans held by ING Bank to reduce both commercial and legal risk issues. Market Risk aims to reduce our market risk in relation to our corporate earnings and invested capital by analyzing and monitoring all of ING Bank’s market risks worldwide.

    This track is available in: Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey

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  • Finance

    Can you find the insight in complex numbers that will lead to better decisions?

    The Finance Track of the ING International Talent Programme prepares you for a role that is of vital importance to our company. It involves analysing the past and forecasting the future as you provide the advice that enables us to take the right decisions for sustainable success.

    This track is available in: Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey

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  • Human Resources

    Why ING?

    At ING we know that the bank of tomorrow will be different from the bank of today. Our customers themselves are increasingly determining where and how they want to make use of our financial services. With more than 54,000 employees, ING works on creating the bank of tomorrow every day. Working in HR means that you help ING to achieve that goal. We are continuously striving to make our HR services more straightforward and more transparent for our employees. We're keen to hear your ideas for how we can do that even better and faster.

    This track is available in: Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey

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Application process

On the ING traineeship, there are six tracks to choose from: Retail Banking, Wholesale Banking, Finance, Risk, Information Technology and HR. Once you’ve decided which track suits you best, the next step is to submit your application for the ING International Talent Programme (IITP) and convince us of your potential.Your application marks the start of the selection procedure, which can last between two to four weeks. The actual traineeship programme starts twice a year, in April and October.

General outline of the selection procedure:

Step 1: Evaluation of your curriculum vitae, motivational questions and qualifications

Send us your CV, answers to the motivational questions, Bachelor and (provisional) Master certificates and lists of grades. Based on the evaluation of your CV,  answers to the motivational questions  and qualification we’ll let you know if you passed to the next step of the selection procedure.

Step 2: Your alignment to the ING culture

In an online test we will assess your suitability for the role based on your responses to a series of decision-making scenarios IITP trainees are likely to encounter in the ING workplace. You are required to rate the effectiveness of a number of different responses to these scenarios. These  will provide us with an assessment of your alignment to the ING culture.

Immediately after completing the assessment you will know whether you passed onto the next step. You will receive a candidate report containing useful tips on your areas of strength in the workplace and reflections on potential development areas, regardless of whether you passed or not.

Step 3: Online Assessment

In step 3 we invite you for two online assessments. In these online assessments, we test:

  • Your overall intellectual ability:
  1. your ability to understand, interpret and evaluate written information
  2. your ability to understand, interpret and evaluate numerical data
  3. your ability to understand sequences of patterns and relationships
  • Your potential strengths critical to succeed in line with ING Orange Code behaviours: your fit with the environment and if it will potentially enhance your performance

You will receive a candidate report soon after the assessments are completed, regardless  of whether you pass or not. Keep in mind that you need to pass both assessments in order to progress to step 4

Step 4: HR Interview

If you’ve passed the online assessment step in the selection procedure, we’ll invite you for an  interview with an HR person and a current trainee. The results from the online assessment are used as input for the interview. We will ask you competency-based questions which are aligned to our ING Orange Code behaviours.

After the interview, you will be given immediate feedback and the result whether you will progress to the next stage of the selection procedure: the Business Panel Interview.

Step 5: Business Panel Interview

As the final step in the selection procedure for the ING traineeship, you will face the Business Panel, which is an interview with two representatives of ING’s senior management from the specific chosen track and an HR Expert. This is your moment to shine – you need to convince the interviewers that you intend to seize every opportunity that ING’s traineeship offers you.

If you successfully complete the selection procedure, you will receive a job offer from ING immediately - usually directly after the Board Panel – and you can sign the official contract shortly afterwards.

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Last modified: 02 June 2016

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