This track is available in: Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey

Can you find the insight in complex numbers that will lead to better decisions?

The Finance Track of the ING International Talent Programme prepares you for a role that is of vital importance to our company. It involves analysing the past and forecasting the future as you provide the advice that enables us to take the right decisions for sustainable success.

Starting with a challenging orientation phase of 12 to 18 months, you’ll be assigned to significant projects or jobs as you learn how to support management teams with the right information at the right time. You will then move on to your first position with ING Bank.

Get to know Finance

Finance is for people who love dealing with numbers and are passionate about simplifying complex figures. The advice we give is essential to keeping our company on course. As such, Finance at ING Bank is involved with all of our businesses worldwide and our input affects decisions at all levels. Confidentiality is important as our work involves sensitive data. By the end of the Finance Track you will be fully equipped to take the next step in your career towards being a high-value specialist or Finance Manager.

Miguel Angel Orti Rodriguez - Trainee on the Finance Track

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Miguel Angel Orti Rodriguez shows his daily activities, his office and talks about his Experience as a Trainee on the Finance Track of the ING International Talent Programme.

Track timeline

First challenge

Your first assignment might be to assist with developing and implementing a new management tool. For example, a management dashboard tool is there to guide the team and manage the existing products. Your job would be to generate and improve the monthly sales report with the local business units.

Second challenge

This might involve working on change management. In this capacity you could find yourself helping to identify opportunities for efficiency, quality and control in one of our business lines, whist also focusing on consolidating and reporting.

Your first position

After gaining a grounding in various Finance disciplines, you could take up a position as a Management Accounting (MA) Employee. This involves providing senior management with key strategic information. Your focus is on internal planning and management and you are the main connection between the business (where the money is earned) and our financial divisions (where the costs are justified). It is your job to analyse the potential of a new product and the overall costs. As an MA you will act a sparring partner for the management team, providing them with all the strategic information they need to make the right decisions. To do so, you will require a strong understanding of finance techniques and the ability to develop the necessary to optimise business economics management.

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Last modified: 06 March 2014

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