Information Technology

This track is available in: Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey

Do you want to innovate now to ensure future success?

The IT Track of the ING International Talent Programme gives you the opportunity to work at the cutting-edge of financial technology. Quite simply, IT underpins everything we do and today's innovations will define the future of our company and shape the future of banking.

Starting with a challenging orientation phase of 12 to 18 months, you’ll be assigned to significant projects or jobs as you build bridges between the needs of our customers and the possibilities offered by the latest technology. You will then move on to a position as, for instance, an IT Project Manager.

Getting to know IT

Information Technology is the future of financial services and the fundamental process that keeps ING in business. It provides support to all our global business units, and the decisions made here have a major impact on our business strategy. It also impacts on every customer interaction. For instance, IT ensures that customer applications such as mortgages, credit cards and business processes are processed quickly and accurately.

As such, we need well-developed, reliable, and accessible technical services which continue to improving our service offerings and customer experience. And we have to ensure that we stay on top of our game by actively investigating future developments in our rapidly changing industry. Your foresight and expertise will make this happen – and ensure that ING Bank gets ahead and stays ahead with innovative and customer-focused solutions.

The three-year IT Tracks offers a stimulating introduction to our IT capabilities. Within this context, you aim for the goals and development opportunities which match your skills and ambitions.

Shoshannah Bramlett - Trainee on the Information Technology track

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Shoshannah Bramlett shows her daily activities, her office and talks about her Experience as a Trainee on the IT Track of the ING International Talent Programme.

Customers of ING in Poland can now avoid skimming and are serviced quicker at the ATM with contactless withdrawals

Track timeline

First challenge

To deliver online banking safely, our procedures and related IT technology has to be state-of- theart. One of your rotations could be in this part of our IT division where you will be asked to support us as we further secure our clients’ assets and online accounts from hackers.

Second challenge

Far-reaching innovation is envisaged in the area of mobile banking. Will mobile phones replace debit cards? One of your rotations might lie in this field as you contribute to identifying customer demands in terms of mobile banking and how to translate this into IT solutions.

Your first position

As an IT Project Manager you will manage medium to large challenging projects from beginning to end. Most projects will have a strong technical focus, such as the development of a new online banking website where you have responsibility for managing the entire process.

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Last modified: 06 March 2014

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