What we look for

It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.

Tom Brokaw

With over 52,000 colleagues in 40 countries, it’s fair to say that there’s no typical ING employee.  

ING stimulates a performance culture, in which employees make their own decisions, share successes, work together and get ahead. We combine this with clear roles and accountability. We believe this combination generates increased levels of business, more satisfied customers and enhanced economic performance.

We foster a collaborative and innovative culture. We make it easy for employees to engage with senior management, and we reward innovative thinking.

Shared global behaviours backed by strong values are critical to the performance culture we aim to build. But that culture should not be monolithic. Embracing difference is equally important both to reflect human diversity and to ensure we connect with our customers at a local level. We also encourage employees to grow and give back to society. A corporate culture that embraces difference is part of this process.

But what unites our people is a talent for bringing our promise of customer empowerment to life.

We look for people who: 

  • Are self-motivated
  • Are natural problem solvers
  • Can explain complex ideas in clear terms
  • Aren’t afraid to challenge established thinking
  • Have a proven record of taking the initiative
  • Are fast to adapt to changes
  • Are comfortable working in multidisciplinary teams outside their own domain


Some companies see diversity as a box to be ticked. We see it as fundamental to our success.

At ING, more than 52,000 minds from all backgrounds, ethnicities and genders unite behind one purpose and one way of working. 

Diversity increases our pool of potential candidates. It helps us attract and retain the best and brightest talent. It allows us to better understand different customer groups. It fosters innovation, drives growth, and leads to more robust decisions and outcomes.

We are an equal opportunity employer, that’s why we welcome applications from all talented people, regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical abilities, religious beliefs, personal philosophies or lifestyles.

We work hard to improve diversity through training, networking and mentoring programmes, and by strengthening our leadership pipeline.

At ING, you’ll be judged on one thing and one only: your performance. And that’s a promise. 

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Last modified: 10 August 2015

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