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Floor Roelandschap

An ING traineeship is the perfect transition from student life to working life

How down to earth and how customer-centric the people were – those were the two things that Floor noticed most when she took part in the ING bootcamp. She was inspired to apply for the Retail Banking traineeship and she will soon be completing her first rotation.

‘I’d once seen a video about the ING traineeship and it had stuck in my mind, but I really didn’t think that a bank would be right for me. And yet I took part in an ING bootcamp after graduating. The people that I met there were my kind of people – they were all really down to earth and had a refreshing view of the future. The focus on the customer was also really striking. At ING, the organisation is important but commitment to clients is even more important.

I started as a trainee in April 2016. Why did they choose me? I think that a personal click is always important, but of course your degree and CV count too, although I believe that your extracurricular activities are what matter most. For example, I was on the board of the international student association AIESEC and I did an international research project in Brazil.’ 

A nice extension of your student days – but growing faster, working harder and learning more!

Good help and guidance

‘ING does everything it can to help trainees settle in and provide them with guidance. I have a mentor, a coach and a single point of contact within HR. Everyone keeps an eye on your development, so you have a strong safety net. You never feel like you’re on your own, although you are of course ultimately responsible for your traineeship. For your first two rotations you’re involved as part of department and alongside that you work on a group assignment in a different discipline together with other trainees. I’m working with a group of trainees on a project for Mortgages: how can we offer suitable mortgages to the ever-growing group of flexible workers? Up until recently, ING was not particularly pioneering in terms of offering mortgage solutions for people without a fixed monthly wage, despite the fact that there are more and more people working as freelancers or on flexible contracts who also earn a good income. Our potential solutions sometimes deviate from the traditional approach, but that’s OK – because we’re all recent graduates, we’re expected to come up with creative and innovative suggestions. We’ll soon be presenting our findings to our client – the Tribe Lead of Mortgages – and to our supervisors.

Back to Italy

So that’s one project, plus as a trainee you attend countless training courses and regularly have to sit exams. And then of course there’s my “regular” job as a trainee: for the past few months, I’ve been working within the SME department, with the Advising Corporate Squad among other things. That squad was focused on the migration from the old organisation to the new one, which entailed a lot of work. I was primarily involved in the general strategy and the internal and external communication, but also with organising lots of practical aspects. I’ve nearly finished that rotation now. In mid-October we’ll be attending an event for all first-year trainees worldwide (Inspire) and then I’ll be leaving for Italy! I’ve spent some time there before as an au pair; it’s a lovely country and I feel very at home there. So when I got the chance to do my next six-month rotation in Milan, I seized the opportunity of course. But not least because it’s a really exciting project; in conjunction with the fintech company Kabbage, ING Direct in Italy is working to set up an online service model for SMEs. On the one hand I can’t wait, but I’m also really looking forward to the two weeks of Inspire first! Looking back, I’ve already learnt so much since joining ING that it sometimes feels like I’m still at university, except the pace is much faster. It’s also harder work, by the way. But for me, the traineeship is the perfect transition from student life to working life.’

About Floor

After leaving secondary school, Floor spent a year in Italy as an au pair (‘A gap year abroad – I can recommend it to everyone’). After her gap year, she did a degree in communication science and a master in business administration. Floor has competed in gymnastics at a high level, is in the ING hockey team and loves singing.

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