Selection process

Choose your location and track, submit your application online and show us your potential

Step 1: Online Application

The first step of the selection process is filling out your online application by submitting your CV along with motivational questions.

Step 2: Online Assessment

If you pass the screening we will invite you to take three online tests to assess if you align with the ING culture and your ability to understand, interpret and evaluate information.

Step 3: HR Interview

After passing the tests we’ll invite you for an interview with an HR person and a current trainee. We will ask you competency-based questions with the input of the results of your online assessment.         

Step 4: Business Panel Interview

The final step is an interview with two representatives of the senior management from your chosen track and an HR expert. If you succeed you will receive an offer for a permanent employment contract with ING.

So what’s your passion? Select a track to find out about application criteria and more.

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