Information Technology

This track is available in: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Turkey

Could you shape the future of banking?

As an IT trainee, you’ll be working at the edge of financial technology at an incredibly interesting time. Your work will have a direct impact on our customers throughout the world. Join us and shape the future of banking.

Kickstart your career with Europe’s biggest online bank

Forget everything you thought you knew about working for a bank. We don’t wear suits. We don’t follow manuals. We work in a DevOps environment where code gets deployed in weeks, not months. The world has changed. We’ve changed too.

Innovation that gets shipped

Some companies pay lip-service to innovation. We ship it continuously. Our mobile apps have introduced new ways of banking to millions worldwide. Our back-end infrastructure sets the benchmark for scalability and security.  As an IT Trainee, you’ll play a role in keeping ING on our upward trajectory. We’ll expect you to bring your initiative and smarts. In return you’ll be given all the freedom you need to make a real difference.

“You build it. You run it.”

We’re implementing agile across all global locations. It’s already happening in several regions, where teams work in self-steering squads with end-to-end ownership of projects. This means full control of the experience – no coding into a black hole, no wasteful handover sessions. You are fully responsible for how your work performs in the real world. If you’re comfortable with that sort of responsibility, we want to hear from you.

Global impact

Startups hope and pray for global impact. We’re equipped to make it happen. We’re a global bank operating in 40 countries and many of our projects scale worldwide. Ideas that prove themselves in one market are often rolled out to other regions. You’ll be collaborating with engineers in other continents, constantly learning from each other’s successes and failures.

Professional development

We can’t afford to stand still, which is why we invest heavily in professional development. You’ll get all the support you need – specialised training, events, conferences – to keep you at the top of your game. We believe in sharing our knowledge too – there’s a good chance you’ve seen our people speaking at local technology conferences and community meetups.

What you can expect

First assignment

You’ll get familiar with our technology through a project of your choosing. A first assignment could be as a developer in one of our mobile app teams, or working on ING’s data lake project. During your first project, you’ll receive support and mentoring from a senior manager as well as your talent manager.

Second assignment

You’ll have the option to work abroad. You decide where and how the assignment happens, using your network and your initiative.

Your first position

After 12-18 months, you’ll take on your first job for a two-year period. Depending on your interests, this could be as an enterprise architect, or a front-end developer. You’ll continue to benefit from dedicated ITP training, mentoring and international events.

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Last modified: 21 December 2016

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