It won’t be easy, but it will be fun

What can you expect over the course of your traineeship experience

Your career, your way

It’s hard to know exactly what you like before you’ve tried. That’s why you’ll rotate between different projects and department within your track before you take your fixed position within ING.

Become the best you can be

The ITP also offers a set of internationally recognised trainings and certifications on banking fundamentals and topics related to your area of expertise which will benefit your career within ING and beyond.

Truly international

As a global bank we seek to develop globally minded leaders. To that end, one of your rotation projects includes an international assignment. Furthermore, each year you will join ITP international events where you’ll meet with trainees and manager across the globe: the start of your international professional network.

Programme Timeline

Local onboarding

You start with an extensive introduction at your local ING office. This involves familiarizing yourself with your office facilities and colleagues, and meeting your talent manager. Together you will determine the projects you will work on and create your development plan. Your personal mentor, a senior ING manager, will take you under his or her wing and coach, challenge and inspire you.

Central onboarding

You visit our headquarters in Amsterdam for a two-week international onboarding event, where you’ll meet your fellow trainees and our senior managers. You’ll learn about the ITP, our business areas, strategies, values and business principles. You’ll receive training on banking fundamentals and begin work on your personal development plan. Last but not least, you’ll have some fun with fellow trainees as you start building your network. 

Finding your niche

It’s hard to know exactly what you like before you’ve tried it. That’s why, in the first 12-18 months, you’ll rotate between different projects and departments every few months. Together with your personal talent manager, you decide the projects you work on.

Within the first three years, you’ll get the opportunity to take a short-term assignment in an ING location abroad. It’s up to you to decide where and how that happens, using your network and your initiative.

Your first job

After 12-18 months of projects, you’ll take on your first job. You’ll remain in the ITP, so you’ll continue to benefit from dedicated training and mentoring. Each year, you’ll get together with fellow trainees from across the globe for an intensive two-week event at an international location.  After your first position, where you go in ING is entirely up to you.

So what’s your passion? Select a track to find out about application criteria and more.

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