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Agile Coach

Impiegato | Project / Programme management | Italia | Lombardia | 2019-02-11 | 055675


Job Description:
The Agile Coach (AC) shapes the further development and implementation of the Agile Way of Working so that it can continuously improve. Promotes the culture appropriate to the Agile Way of Working and is the figurehead of the associated behavior. The AC is able to engage people by using clear communication, giving and receiving constructive feedback, understanding and simplifying complex issues, and contributing to the desired culture change.
As a team coach, the AC contributes to the development of high-performing teams that are capable of continuous improvement and adding value for customers and the organization. Advises stakeholders on the maturity level of the Agile Way of Working and the development of team performance. Provides coaching for members of the management team in Agile leadership.

Key Responsibilities:
To contribute to the development of the high-performing organisation by coaching groups, leadership and other teams and individuals within ING in terms of Agile maturity, with the goal of adding customer value.
o Methodology Coaching
o High-Performing Organisation Coaching
o Facilitating and training the Learning Organisation
o Organisational Consultancy
o Change Management
o Assignment and Impact
o Knowledge and Knowledge Management

Educational Qualifications & Work Experience:
-Master’s degree in engineering or related field
-Professional certifications in agile frameworks (e.g. CSM, PSM) and coaching methodologies

Technical Skills:
-Good understanding of the main agile frameworks like Scrum
-Solid understanding of agile software development practices like ATDD, BDD or CI/CD
-Good understanding of statistical quality control and lean practices
-General IT processes understanding

Soft Skills:
-Performance motivation. Is able to introduce necessary changes into systems and/or the way of working of him/herself and others. Continuously strives to improve existing work situations. Pursues improvement goals in a focused manner, does not get distracted. Challenges others to improve.
-Independence. Way of Working Coaches can make sure they do not become part of the environment. The Way of Working Coach is close enough to be able to coach, and independent enough to be able to identify patterns. The Way of Working Coach remains independent of the system. This competency is regarded as an entry-level competency for this job category. It is assumed that the competency is at a sufficiently developed level.
-Resistance to stress. In the face of major problems/pressure of time and/or strong emotions, continues to look for potential solutions. Is capable of maintaining a good balance. Identifies increasing tensions in good time, anticipates time pressure and/or problems, and takes action to mitigate them.
-Flexibility. As an Agile Coach you can be faced with problems, resistance or conflicts. You will therefore need to be capable of adapting your behavior in order to resolve these problems and achieve your goals. Empathy and attention to what drives others are essential - listening and sensitivity is therefore ‘underlying competencies’.


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