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Business Analyst

Normal | Administración / Operaciones | Empleado | España | 2019-07-12 | 057106

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This is Us.

A team of more than one thousand people sharing anidea: doing our bit in helping our clients create a better future forthemselves, providing them with the tools they need to get where they wantto go.


In today’s world, we know this happens because we are afully online bank. We were born out of that idea and 20 years on,technology, simplicity and transparency continue to be the ingredients of therecipe that leaves the best taste in our mouths: being more than just a bank,someone useful in the lives of the millions of clients who have chosen us.


The way we do things also mirrors our eagerness toinnovate. We are proud to be one of the very first banks to work with agile methodologies. It doesn’t ring abell yet? No worries, we will be delighted to tell you all about it. You will findit’s one of those things you’ll want to repeat over and over.


And although we are based in Spain, we like to crossborders. We are lucky to work with international teams every day across 44countries, composed of women and men as equal as they are diverse. Becausehere you are completely free to be who you want to be, love whomever youchoose, and even go for pineapple as your pizza topping.


Making things happen, helping others be successful, alwaysbeing one step ahead—that’s our DNA. If you look at yourself in the mirror and yourreflection matches our way of being and working…we are looking forward tomeeting you!


Whatare we looking for?


Forus, a Daily Banking Business Analyst is someone who:


Knows about monitoring and analyzingbusiness results, competition and trends to propose actions to achieve theobjectives, as well as explore new business possibilities for the bank


Is a master of coordinatingdifferent departments towards a common goal. Transforms ambiguity into a clearand concise direction, with the ability to describe design solutions andstrategy, always with the client at the heart of each solution.


Is an ace in transforming largeamounts of data into to metrics, insights,conclusions and proposals. Develop new monitoring frameworks and translatesambiguous environment to meaningful indicators


Has worked in a fast-pacedenvironment, typically in a start-up or a management consulting firm, as abusiness analyst / product specialist. Understands the complexity and endlessopportunities of the digital businesses, specifically within financialservices.


whoseday at ING looks very much like this:


7.00 - 10.00 h / Arrives at theoffice (Flexible start time)

At 10.00 h / Daily planning

At 11.00 h discusses with themarketing department about a new marketing campaign related with cash products

At 12.00 h defines the functionalrequirements of a new feature prioritized on the squad backlog from customerfeedback

At 13.00 h takes a break and goesdown to the canteen.

At 14.00 h meets the legal andcompliance team and clarifies the impact on cash products of a new regulation

At 16.00 h joins the DailyBanking tribe meeting and gets an update on the OKRs evolution

16.00 - 19.00 h (Flexible end time). Goes to thepaddle tennis court for a game.

Win or lose, a shower and off tohome.


Whatdo we offer?



Whatgoes on at ING matters much to us.

But weknow that the most important things are outside the office.

Free meals.

So thatthinking about what to have for lunch doesn’t take up your time or yourcravings.  


Life andhealth insurance.

For youand all your family (spouse/partner and children).


Free companyshuttle.

We takeyou from Madrid city center to our offices at Las Rozas (and back!)



Specialloan or mortgage terms after 6 months working at the bank.

Andbenefit from our pension plan after 2 years with us.


More health,more sports.

Paddletennis court and lessons available to you

Runnersclub with your own trainer

Clinicswith professional, world-class athletes

Physiotherapyservice on site


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