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Cross-border Area Lead Branding Advertising & Sponsoring

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[Area Lead Branding, Advertising & Sponsoring]
Organizational context
The Communications & Brand Experience Centre of Expertise (CoE) is one of the cross-border CoEs of the ING organization and part of the delivery organization of ING Netherlands and Belgium. The CoE has two Area Leads (one for Internal & External Communications and one for Branding, Advertising & Sponsoring). Together with the CoE Lead, the Area Leads form the Leadership Team of the CoE Communications & Brand Experience
Reports hierarchical to
CoE Lead: Management Board Bank (MBB-1)
Reports functional to
Area Lead at Corporate Communications ING Bank
CEO’s of both ING Belgium and the Netherlands
Hierarchical management
Total number of reports: approximately 85
Direct reports: 10
Functional management
Functional management of 10-12 Product Owners who are functionally responsible for approximately 175 communication professionals in two countries in a cross-border CoE.
Purpose and Key responsibilities of the postition
Banking is a low interest product that is becoming more and more commoditized. This results in many new entrants from outside our industry and global players with scalable models that are becoming a more serious threat than our traditional competitors. Within this context the CoE Communications & Brand Experience plays a pivotal role in two areas: Branding and Advertising/Sponsoring.
With banking products becoming more and more commoditized, brand value and customer experience have become the new battlefield where companies need to make the difference. Developing our brand strategy that supports the business, but also includes how we define and bring to life our differentiating customer experience and how we become a love brand in the Dutch and Belgian market is one of the key responsibilities of the Area Lead Branding.
With an industry that is changing rapidly, ING has announced it is uniting its businesses around the globe (Unite), becoming more and more one global bank (with in the longer run one platform, one offering, one way of working etc). An important pillar of Unite is Unite be+nl, the joining of forces of two of ING’s home markets. A huge transformation that will run for several years. Developing strategies to drive the change, engage staff and external stakeholders to make Unite be+nl a success is critical, while at the same time supporting the business in achieving their commercial targets. Advertising and sponsorship is key to achieving these goals.
The Area Lead works in a complex environment, with teams and responsibilities in two countries, rooted in different cultures. As such the Area Lead divides working time between Amsterdam and Brussels.
The Area Lead is responsible for managing stakeholders of two leading universal banks in two different countries with two very different environments (political, societal, cultural).
Stakeholders include the MBB member responsible for Belgium and the Netherlands, the two CEO’s of Belgium and the Netherlands, Management Team (MT) members of Belgium and the Netherlands, counterparts at ING Group, Tribe Leads and other CoE Leads. Externally, the Area Lead engages with agencies, consumer organizations, interest groups, sponsoring partners and also represents ING on conferences and other events.
The Area Lead is responsible for part of the CoE’s “what” and “how”. This means that the Area Lead is not only assigned with the Product Area Lead role (PAL), but also with the Chapter Area Lead role (CAL). The CAL role includes responsibility for craftsmanship development and HR for ten Expert Areas.
The Area Lead acts as a role model, safeguarding the Orange Code (ING’s values) and strengthening the ING way of working (Agile). The Area Lead develops and maintains the new cross-cultural collaboration by creating awareness & understanding, leveraging on diversity and by communicating effectively.
Responsibilities include
  • Developing strategies for branding, advertising (ATL, BTL, always on), sponsoring, media buying and programmatic marketing
  • Advising MBB member, CEO’s, joint Management team BE+NL and other senior management on all brand, marketing communications and sponsoring issues
  • Supporting all segments (Business Clients, Private individuals, Personal and Private Banking) in achieving their commercial targets by creating, activating and managing relevant and unique campaigns (ATL, BTL, always on) across touch points, that drive brand equity and increase sales
  • Developing effective and efficient sponsor deals, activities & events, to strengthen the brand perception
  • Bringing the brand purpose to life internally & externally through a clear brand strategy, visual style & tone-of-voice
  • Engaging with stakeholders, like media and advertising agencies, board of sponsor partners etc. and represent ING.
  • Managing cross-border teams and shaping the agile way of working
  • Managing significant budgets and efficiency programs
Key Developments
The CoE Communications & Brand Experience is organized cross-border. Next to the CoE Lead, the Area Lead is the only cross-border role within the CoE. Responsibility for an Area in two countries and managing teams and stakeholders in two very different countries adds complexity to the role. The Area Lead role is a pioneering role as organizing, managing and working in a daily banking operation across borders is a first within ING. Shaping and developing this new role will be an important responsibility of the Area Lead.
Scope indicators
The Area Lead Branding, Advertising and Sponsoring manages the advertising & sponsoring  budget for both countries
The Area Leads, together with the CoE Lead are the management team of the CoE. They are end-to-end responsible for strategy and execution for a significant part of the CoE. They engage with a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders. The Area Leads formally represent the CoE vis-à-vis external stakeholders.
Performance Indicators
Reputation (RepTrak), Brand preference, NPS, Sales KPIs, campaign tracking, internal employee surveys (Winning Performance Culture, Organisational Health Index, Pulse scores).
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For internal vacancies, please add below:
Hiring Manager:                                          Marie Noelle De Greef
Recruiter:                                                   Annick Declercq-Kloppert ( BE ) and Niels Jeuring (NL)
Application deadline: 9/04/2019      


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