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{Dev}School - Java Edition

Trainees | Tech | Starter / Graduates | Romania | 2019-09-09 | 057573


About {Dev}School

{Dev}School is all about developing your programming skills in an intense and fun learning experience. During this Java & Web Components edition:

·       You will develop your programming skills by using Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and learn how to build Web Components using the standards and the Google Polymer library;

·       You will also learn about design patterns, clean code, unit testing, about being Agile and other interesting topics;

·       If you successfully complete the training program, you could put your skills at work in our IT Team in ING Tech.

Here are the logistical details:

·       It will host 15 participants;

·       It will last for 8 weeks, between Oct 15 – Dec 5, 2019;

·       It will be organized in 2 sessions per week (evenings, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3 hours per day).


What we are looking for in {Dev}School

We welcome any IT passionate who is:

·       A student in final study year or a recent graduate (2 years max, Bachelor or Master) of Computer Science/Cybernetics University;

·       A good team player and a logical thinker, who has a good eye for details;


and who has

·       Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming (OOP);

·       Good understanding of algorithms and/or programming in any of the following languages: Java, C, C++, C#;

·       Basic knowledge on databases concepts;

·       Good command of English.

What happens after graduating {Dev}School

These are the things that will count in deciding whether we work together after the programme in ING Tech:

·       Your Progress – the trainer’s positive feedback on your class interactions and attendance;

·       Your Results - very good technical results during the training programme;

·       Your Interest and Availability to work full-time/part-time (flexible work schedule).

Application ends on October 3rd, 2019.




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Please be aware that the recruitment procedures, (labour) regulations and labour agreements of Romania apply.

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