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Development Engineer- Datalake Foundation (KYC)

Contract de muncă | Tech | România | 2019-09-16 | 057648


ING Tech is an international hub for technology & innovation, developing IT solutions across ING in areas such as Core Banking, Big Data, Financial Markets, Data Management, Touch Point Architecture  and many more. By using the latest methodologies in software development, our fast growing team gathers more than 700+ tech enthusiasts who work for international projects that go beyond traditional banking.


This role is part of the Agile way of working:

•       People and interactions over processes and tools.

•       Functional propositions over comprehensive documentation.

•        Collaboration (with the customer) over contract negotiations.

•       Responding to change over following a plan.


Tasks and responsibilties

As the Dev Engineer, this means that you control both the design phase and the actual

development and testing of applications. You understand the entire stack, so that as a Dev

Engineer, you can bring applications into production and resolve incidents in cooperation with the Ops Engineer. This means you can contribute to completion of all activities in the backlog.


Your Day-to-Day

•       Implementing new Datalake Foundations including the building of Metadata frameworks, integrating and/or engineering new technologies .

•       Roll-out of the framework in different european countries and offer post-implementation support;

•       Engineering metadata exchange between Data Lakes;

•       Enhancing and introducting a maintainable and scalable test automation strategy and implementing this together with the team with suitable tooling;

•       Integration of new modules/components;

•       Consulting ING countries/domains on the integration, testing and deployment of the metadata;

•       Adding new features to the metadata capability

The following items are vital in this:

1. Contribute to the new way of working

•       In the Tribe structure, you are part of an ambitious and highly motivated squad with an Agile way of working. You work together with colleagues from other areas of expertise and take initiative in expanding knowledge (both within and outside of your area of expertise) that is relevant for the Tribe in which you work.Where possible, you take on tasks/activities that contribute to the mission, even when they are not entirely within your area of expertise


2. Engineering

•       You have an up-to-date vision regarding IT expertise.

•       You are able to get all typical and other backlog items from 'to do' to 'done'.

•       You have mastered the full gamut of engineering skills:

o   Analysis and Design

o   Knowledge of scripting on Unix systems is mandatory

o   Experience with Release Automation and knowledge of Testing approaches

o   Good knowledge of SQL , good understanding of Data Warehouse concepts

o   Experience with IBM Infosphere suite (Datastage, Information Governance Catalogue)

o   Knowledge of Hadoop is a plus

o   Continuous Delivery (Compile, Build, Package, Deploy)

o   Test-Driven Development (TDD) and test automation (e.g. regression, functional and integration tests)

o   Debugging and profiling

o   Software configuration management and version control

• You strive to become a T-shaped engineer.


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Please be aware that the recruitment procedures, (labour) regulations and labour agreements of România apply.

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