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Global KYC Due Diligence Specialist (FEC / LE focus)

Employee | Project / Programme management | Professional | Netherlands | North Holland | 2019-03-15 | REQ-10016279


Your working environment
The Global KYC organisation is a new organisation within the COO domain. Its purpose is “Enabling people and organisations to use our banking services by ensuring a compliant and competitive KYC ecosystem.” Bringing all KYC related capabilities into one functionally steered organisation will support the standardisation of related processes, enhanced controls, shared tooling and the optimisation of operations across all of the business lines, helping us to achieve a more robust KYC environment that will strongly contribute to ING’s overall response towards more stringent regulatory requirements in this area and beyond.
The Global KYC organisation is a first line of defence department providing the ING business and functions with guidance, standardised solutions in the area of KYC-related regulations as well as supporting realising operational excellence. In the Global KYC organisation you will be working with many colleagues from different disciplines, geographies and backgrounds. You will be part of managing and supporting the transformation towards this global organisation and as such contribute significantly to the realisation of the One Agile Way of Working methodology within ING.

The Global KYC Centre of Expertise is part of the Global KYC organisation within ING COO. It sets standards and provides content expertise on the implementation of various KYC-related laws & policies to the squads or circles, ensures the alignment with the other lines of defence and represents KYC and ING to internal & external parties (incl. regulators) and client events. The Global KYC Centre of Expertise, together with the local KYC experts, plays a vital role in ensuring effective and efficient compliance with the KYC-related regulations such as: Financial Economic Crime, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, Common Reporting Standards, Environmental and Social Risk. The Global KYC Centre of Expertise supports the Delivery and Service organisations with in-depth KYC knowledge and expertise; it consists of 4 Expertise Teams formed around KYC-specific areas of expertise: Risk & Quality Control, KYC Due Diligence & IRP, Monitoring & Screening, KYC Academy.
As a KYC Due Diligence Specialist you will be based in Amsterdam on a 40 hours contract, and report hierarchically and functionally to the Global KYC Due Diligence & IRP Lead.

The function:
The KYC Due Diligence Specialist is a function in the Due Diligence & IRP expertise team and is responsible for advising proactively on topics within the field of expertise, for working closely with the squads who implement the KYC guidance and for supporting the development of the methodology and guidance in an expertise area.
The KYC expertise is organized around three dimensions: a) expertise area, b) KYC-related regulation and c) customer segments. This function is responsible for:

  • KYC Due Diligence expertise area,
  • Financial Economic Crime (FEC) regulation,
  • Legal Entities customer segment.

Key Responsibilities:
As a KYC Due Diligence Specialist:

  • You support the design and maintenance of the global KYC Due Diligence guidance (e.g. common yardstick, ODD, related KYC red flags/indicators).
  • You provide business guidance and expert accreditation for the KYC platform via non-continuous expertise support for the global squads.
  • You provide expertise to any global project that requires your expertise.
  • Next to your field of expertise you are eager to learn about new relevant topics to further enlarge your scope of knowledge and expertise within the team.
  • You contribute to the ING One Agile Way of Working and safeguard the Orange Code
  • You ensure compliance with ING’s policies and standards.
  • You stimulate cross-border interaction and alignment between people, expertise teams, squads, chapters, Front-Office organisations, and Service organisations both in central and local business lines.
  • You give and ask for constructive feedback.

We are looking for:
We are looking for a new colleague with the following knowledge, expertise and skills:

  • Minimum 6 years of relevant work experience in the financial services industry, preferably within Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking, Risk, Finance or Information Technology.
  • Relevant track record of working in the area of KYC and thorough understanding of the current market and regulatory conditions and challenges that the financial industry faces.
  • Academic level and preferably a certification in FEC expertise area.
  • Proactive, Can-Do, No Surprises and Positive mind-set. Overall you have a healthy work ethic and a willingness to collaborate.
  • Ability to facilitate decision-making to drive complex design issues to a conclusion.
  • Strong organisational sensitivity; ability to understand and take into account the underlying issues, opportunities and dynamics of an international organisation with multiple functional lines and one hierarchical line and deal with multiple (sometimes conflicting) interests.
  • Ability to work successfully in multiple countries and make sure these different cultures will work together as one team; taking into account different habits, beliefs, languages and time-zones, etc.
  • Ability to display style flexibility to teams and adapt plan, approach and behaviour to the different needs, cultures and situations.
  • Strong resilience; ability to navigate through ambiguity and simplify complexity without losing essence.
  • Ability to ‘get people on board’ and ensure necessary buy-in from stakeholders.
  • Willing to travel 4 - 8 weeks per year.
  • Fluency in English.

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