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Head Restructuring & Recovery

Employee | Risk Management | Professional | Netherlands | North Holland | 2019-05-16 | REQ-10017621


Tribe Lead Intensive Management JCF function: Staff / Expertise Manager A

For the Domestic Credit Restructuring department (DCR) we are looking for an experienced and dynamic Tribe Lead DCR with people skills that the DCR department can further develop into the benchmark in the industry.

The Intensive Management department is part of the Domestic Bank Nederland (DB NL) and falls under the Risk Management / CRO domain. As a Tribe Lead DCR you report directly to the CRO DB NL and are part of the MT CRO. In addition, you report functionally to the head of Global Credit Restructuring and are part of this MT.

The DCR department is responsible for the restructuring and recovery of customers with a business credit product with a total outstanding balance of EUR 20 million who are in financial difficulties or are expected to do so in the long term. The department consists of approx. 80 internal FTEs, divided into 6 teams. The primary goal of the DCR department is to make the client/company financially "healthy" again (restructuring). If this does not work out, the credit facilities will be canceled, with DCR often going to extract security (recovery).

In addition to a customer focus, other parties are also important for DCR. The role of various supervisors, for example, has increased considerably as have reporting requirements. Working at DCR is therefore a challenging job, where the customer is central but it is a continuous balancing and weighing up the interests of all parties.

As a Tribe Lead DCR you are among other things responsible for the following activities:
- Direct and indirect management of a team of around 80 FTEs;
- Responsible for managing customer restructuring & recovery activities with credit interest up to EUR 20 mio;
- Determining individual provisions (IFRS 9);
- Ensuring compliance with internal and external regulations, for example guidelines on lending for small business customers, Wwft, Wft and EBA guidelines.
- Ensuring good audit trails and excellent recording and data quality.
- Optimize the operational IT processes (including deployment of robotics);
- In that context, also the further development of the New Way of Working (agile)
- You also contribute to the culture change within DCR;
- Manage Financial and especially the Non-financial risks within the CLT Credit Restructuring;
- Active sharing of knowledge within and outside the DCR department;
- You (together with the staff) are responsible for improving the employability of your team members as well as team members continued development in the performance of their position, orange code & stretch ambitions;
- Maintaining relationships with internal and external parties.
In this position you work closely with other units i.e. GCR, Super Circle Business Lending, CRM Transaction Approval, Segments also with external parties such as receivers, appraisers, Vesting Finance  & the auditor.

For this vacancy we are looking for people with:
- Minimum HBO / Academic knowledge level
- Minimum 5-10 years of banking experience
- Minimum 5 years of management experience
- Thorough knowledge of restructuring and recovery activities
- Good people skills
- Excellent communication skills
- Good knowledge of operational management and the new way of working (agile)

This function is based on a working week of 36-40 hours and has been scaled on a scale 15 level.
If you have any questions about this position, you can contact Marije van Dijk, HR lead Risk for the Netherlands and Belgium or Jippe Broekhuijsen, Tribe Lead Strategic Change & Business management.


Questions about this opportunity?

Feel free to contact Milan Worpel, Recruiter. e-mail:

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Please be aware that the recruitment procedures, (labour) regulations and labour agreements of Netherlands apply.

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