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IT Designer - Feature Engineer

Information Technology | Lombardia | 2020-04-29 | 059319


Job Description

The mainpurposes will be to perform the technical specification according to the givenfunctional specification and architectural specification in terms ofinteraction between systems, data exchanged, transformations etc. according todefined design methodology.


Key Responsibilities:

§participate and cooperate to shaping activities

§participate to feasibility analysis for new or to-be-updated initiatives/projects,evaluating the impacts for IT;

§  performdetailed & technical analysis/ Design

§  participatein and supporting developers in development phase

§  testsupport and problem determination

§ participate to and collaborate in the definitionof new suppliers and contract requirements



  • Degree in Information Technology/Engineering or equivalent
  • +3 years’ experience in the same role in a complex environment with 24/7 service availability
  • Excellent knowledge of IT architecture in place (for the relevant domain) and technical flows
  • Good knowledge of the technological landscape (application layer) of the relevant domain
  • Used to work in Agile
  • Good knowledge of retail banking business
  • Good English knowledge (written and spoken)
  • Good knowledge of MS Office


Other skills:

§  Synthesisand analysis

§  SystemicVision

§  Excellencein execution

§  GoodRelation skills

§  GoodLeadership capabilities

§  Goodnegotiation  skills

§ Teamwork

  • Customer centricity
Duration: Permanent
Location: Milan


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Please be aware that the recruitment procedures, (labour) regulations and labour agreements of Italia apply.

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