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Ops Engineer Risk and Security Global Datacenters (Rotterdam/Amsterdam)

Employee | Tech | Professional | Netherlands | South Holland | 2019-05-16 | REQ-10015418


You are a team player working as a core member of a multidisciplinary and cross-functional squad with end-to-end responsibility for Risk and Security.

Close collaboration within and across the squads and with the consumer (ING) is of utmost importance for you.

You are responsible for the availability of risk and security processes and documentation within the squad. You identify and analyse your risk process and take the lead, collaborating with your squad’s DevOps Engineers. You continuously strive to improve yourself and your colleagues in the DevOps way of working. You have a broad and diverse set of competencies that allow you to operate, between various squads and chapters, and that allows you to engage with the various stakeholders and build a network.

What you do (Capabilities)

You maintain processes, documentations, backlogs and make sure applications are compliant with the Risk and Security Standards.

Your main focus is:

1. SPOC for Risk and Security within squad

a. Maintain and review documentation (ownership)

b. Maintain and operate operational risk dashboard

c. Support and educate your colleagues on using and maintaining the risk and security standards  

d. Liaison with multiple risk stakeholders

2. Apply and improve DevOps way of working

a. Implement user stories from backlog as agreed with the Product Owner

b. Participate in DevOps rituals (e.g. stand-ups, review, retrospective, peer reviews)

c. Continuously improve yourself, your squad and the service

i. Actively ask for feedback and coaching for improvement

ii. Provide feedback to squad members

d. Collaborate within and across squads to understand your services end-to-end

· Competencies - Skills

1. Broad understanding of Risk and Security  

a. Knowledge of Datacenter Management  

i. General knowledge of working in the ING Cloud

ii. Impact of different factors on performance and capacity of services

iii. Technical implications of Security and Risk principles

2. Working-level knowledge of Agile and DevOps practices

a. Understanding of the Agile (Kanban) methodology (e.g. backlog, review and marketplace)

b. Knowledge of Lean practices (e.g., waste identification, visual management)

c. Deep knowledge of DevOps way of working (e.g., continuous delivery, cross-functional team set-ups, development of cross-skilled squad members)

Competencies - Behaviours

1. Mindset of openness and willingness to try new ways of working and technologies

a. End-to-end ownership and positive mindset

i. Strong team player who takes responsibility

ii. Independent and autonomous in completing tasks

b. Mindset of continuous improvement of the service and way of working

i. Reflects upon behaviours and performance to pro-actively identify improvement areas

ii. Strong problem solver to structure and improve complex situations

 Your education and background

• Professional and intellectual IT ability at university level - at least Bachelor's degree

• Basic knowledge of IT infrastructure and datacenters

• Experience from working in high performing Agile teams

• Excellent understanding of Dutch and English

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Questions about this opportunity?

Feel free to contact Katarzyna Matyjewicz, Recruiter. e-mail:

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Please be aware that the recruitment procedures, (labour) regulations and labour agreements of Netherlands apply.

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