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Solution Architect

Contract de muncă | Tech | Nivel mediu | România | Bucureşti | 2019-09-16 | 057644


[The Mission]


As an Information Architect you will be responsible for delivering the optimal design of data and information architectures to support business objectives. A key component of the mission statement will also be  crafting and documenting data flows across the enterprise, crafting data models for analytics/reporting, assessing feasibility of data models, working with business data governance groups in establishing data standards (master, reference, structure) and working with solution architects on data integration and service architectures. 

You will also give to developing Information Architecture standard methodology – tooling, methods, standards, skills, documentation and training.


[Your Day-to-Day]


Focuses on the elements required to manage all aspects of data and information (both structured and unstructured) from translation of business and strategic requirements into an information architecture to logical and physical designs;

Spans the full information management lifecycle from information acquisition through analysis, cleanse, transform, classify and storage to presentation, distribution, security, privacy and archiving;

Is responsible for defining recovery strategies and developing a repository strategy to all information architecture artefacts;

Breaks down desired (business) themes into epics and features, that can be further refined into implementable stories along with the Feature Engineer. Defines backlog items to further improve the quality of the domain;

Develops data standards (e.g. common business vocabulary, naming conventions, etc.) and defines the governance structure and classification of the information and data objects;

Designs centralized or distributed solutions that both address the user’s requirements and perform efficiently and effectively;

Identifies, stewards and leverages existing data/information assets across the organization;

Has knowledge of databases, filing, meta-models, knowledge and content management, business intelligence and storage management.


[What you bring to the team]


Demonstrated experience [3-5y] in Infromation Architecture;

Data Architecture Guidelines & Designs.

Multi-tenancy and Internationalization guidelines.

Data at Rest (DaR) guidelines. Including:

  • General principles.
  • Repository selection guidelines.
  • Oracle DB and Elasticsearch design guidelines.
  • Common column names.

Data in Motion (DiM) guidelines. Including:

  • Event Taxonomy: types of events, purpose, examples, etc.
  • Event Structure: standard event headers, event body guidelines and event serialization guidelines.
  • Event granularity guidelines.

Proven experience in Agile environments and can work individually and as a team member.

Demonstrated involvement in successful change initiatives associated with IT in business.

Understanding of banking environment, products and processes.


[Technical Skills]


Experience in microservices and API Management.

In depth knowledge of Data at Rest technologies.

Oracle and other SQL database.

Cassandra and other noSQL databases.

In depth knowledge of Data in Motion technologies:

Big Data technologies and machine learning knowledge (real time streaming, learning models, datalakes, transports like Kafka).

Experience in EDA (Event-Driven Architecture) and middleware and messaging platforms like JBoss, WSO2, TIBCO, RabbitMQ, Kafka, etc.

In depth knowledge building highly scalable and secure web and mobile applications.


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Please be aware that the recruitment procedures, (labour) regulations and labour agreements of România apply.

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