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Technical analyst

Employee | Tech | Professional | Romania | 2019-09-11 | 057577


Discover ING Tech

ING Tech is an international hub for technology & innovation,developing IT solutions across ING in areas such as Core Banking, Big Data, Financial Markets, Data Management, Touch Point Architecture and many more. By using the latest methodologies in software development, our fast-growing team gathers more than 700 tech enthusiasts who work for international projects that go beyond traditional banking.

Your role and work environment

The Tribe Wholesale Data Management is responsible for delivering data availability, data quality, transparency & control and empower the organization with a united Data Management and Analytics Platform. Data Management is one of the five building blocks of ING’s “Accelerate Think Forward” strategy and you will play a crucial role in enabling ING to become a true data driven organization.


Your role has end-to-end responsibility for the development, management, harmonisation and phasing out of commercial products, services, channel formulas and processes within one or more segments and is familiar with the relationship between these aspects, with a view to achieving an optimum customer experience.


Your key responsibilities


This concerns a broad specialism regarding the product, channel or market with end-to-end responsibility for the squad's activities.

  • Works in a squad within ING's Agile organisation.  Uses his/her technical expertise and experience to contribute to all sprint events (planning, refinements, retrospectives, demos).
  • Works together with other experts to achieve the squad's mission. Has expertise in the areas of marketing, product management, channel and process optimatization
  • Determines and formulates the business and product requirements for existing and new products and services within the legislation and regulatory frameworks, in line with customer interests
  • Collaborate with business data owners/data stewards to understand their data, their data needs and business context. Analyze the data to onboard in the data management platform;
  • Bring the data under governance by recording the data definitions in the data dictionary and maintain them as part of metadata management;
  • Test set data models and keep consistency and quality;
  • Match the local and global definitions to the requirements of data users, data owners and other stakeholders;
  • Are a sparring partner for IT specialists for translating the conceptual, logical, or dimensional data model into the physical data model;
  • Set requirements for data quality, data lineage, data security, data privacy and other relevant aspects for business terms/data assets;
  • Initiate data management improvements, set data quality, data security, data privacy, data issue remediation guidelines and standards, and support the setting up of data management and data governance processes.

The role requires travel in Amsterdam.

We are looking for someone with: 

  • Broad knowledge and deep practical experience with data quality, data lineage, data security, data privacy, data lifecycle management, data issue remediation and other data-governance practices. Industry knowledge on data related government regulatory requirements (GDPR, BCBS 239 …);
  • Knowledge and experience with data modeling techniques and the development of conceptual, logical and dimensional data models and the safeguarding of their interdependence;
  • Experience in compiling and aligning on definitions for business terms;
  • Conceptually and analytically strong to make the right modeling choices;
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing, to be able to align with various stakeholders;
  • Excellent command of English in word and writing to define business terms;
  • Enthusiastic personality, bringing pleasure and connection with Agile way of working  in multidisciplinary teams;
  • Experience with core banking, finance or risk processes is an added value.


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Please be aware that the recruitment procedures, (labour) regulations and labour agreements of Romania apply.

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