What we look for

What do we look for? People who challenge convention and constantly seek ways to do things better. The reward? A career that’s as ambitious as you want it to be.

Values we look for

With 52,000 employees across 40 countries, there’s no predefined template for an ING employee. What unites us all is a set of shared behaviours and expectations that are part of our value system, the Orange Code.

1. Initiative and ownership: You take it on and make it happen

We seek people who keep their promises and take ownership of tasks, projects and their team. Who have the ability to listen, ask questions, and speak up. Who strive to bring ideas to life and embrace challenges. People who are flexible and consistently go the extra mile.

2. Teamwork: Help others to be successful

We prefer big thinkers with small egos. Collaborative by nature, ING people are eager to see others succeed as much as themselves. We operate in cross-disciplinary teams with a flat structure. Mutual respect is not just an expectation, it’s the only way to get great work done.

3. Forward-looking: Always a step ahead

We value people who question the status quo and pose creative approaches to problems. People who can think on their feet and respond to change with aplomb. Our industry’s moving fast and we’re leading the charge. If you can adapt to new challenges as quickly, ING could be the place for you.

We embrace diversity

At ING, you’ll be judged on one thing and one only: your performance. And that’s a promise.

Our people empower ING to drive innovation and shape the future of our company. Our global workforce of people from all backgrounds, ethnicities and genders reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.

Everyone at ING is committed to a working environment of trust and mutual respect. Regardless of your background, religion, or lifestyle, you’ll be welcome here.

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Last modified: 11 May 2017

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