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Cindy Zheng

We work in a dynamic way and are open to continuously improving

“I’m Cindy Zheng and I’m a junior model risk expert, ensuring the effectiveness of the bank’s risk models throughout their lifecycle. By connecting the various model stakeholders, sharing knowledge and implementing feedback we continuously improve the Model Risk framework. We also support our stakeholders to implement the framework in their business domain.

I’ve been a fan of ING ever since I arrived in the Netherlands as a student and opened up an ING bank account. The cute orange lion was my first impression of ING, little did I know what my future would hold…

Last summer, I graduated at Erasmus with the master degree in financial economics. At University I absorbed theoretical knowledge, learnt to think independently and learnt how to be a good team player. Also I took the opportunity to explore the world by going on exchange and have a closer look at the financial institutions by doing internships and attending workshops. 

One day I participated in a workshop hosted by ING. It was an investment game and it made me curious to find out more about the company culture. When visiting INGs career site I was touched by the sentence on the “Who are we” Page: “At ING we want to enable all kinds of people and companies to realise their dreams for a better future − no matter how big or small those dreams may be.” I believe that’s the way a good company would think and act, which is also one of the reasons that I joined ING. 

I believe the dynamic way of working is the key element that enables us to meet our objectives as a team. Weekly stand-ups make us more efficient, allow us to share ideas, ask for guidance and enable a feedback culture. I can receive feedback on projects assigned to me within 24 hours. We work in ‘high-performing teams’ of colleagues with specific expertise and skills to speed up the delivery process. This helps us to quickly identify and clarify any gaps within a policy and avoid ambiguity that could influence the risk model stakeholders.

This agile way of working has made me more efficient and effective. I can see we are consistently making improvements in how we work. I’m looking forward to more team building initiatives to get to know my colleagues better and improve our communication as a whole. After all, fostering connections between colleagues creates a vibrant workspace!”

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