Up close: Herminio Vazquez

13 November 2019 ... min. read Listen

Machine learning expert Herminio Vazquez was born in Mexico, lives in Spain and works in Amsterdam most of the time. Other than loving different cultures, he loves sharing his expertise in classes, seminars, summer school and hackathons. He’s been putting that expertise to good use at ING for the past two years. In this video (01:08), Herminio talks about his passions and his fascination for technology.

Herminio at Devoxx Belgium 2019

Herminio’s presentation on “Predictive testing in ING mortgages” at Devoxx Belgium 2019 (50:22) describes the journey of the mortgages team at ING Netherlands selecting which business scenarios to test. Test automation and data orchestration are great to speed up delivery and time to market, but they also pose a big question: how much testing is good enough?

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