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Financial Advisory Services - Product Owner

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Job title:       FinancialAdvisory Services - Product Owner

Reportsto:   Headof Investments and Savings – Tribe Lead



The Product Owner of Financial AdvisoryServices has end-to-end responsibility for defining and implementing the financialadvisory strategy and continuously maintaining and improving the FinancialAdvisory platform, in line with the bank strategy and goals, in close consultationwith the investment products department, in the most efficient possible way witha view to achieving an optimum customer experience in compliance with thelegislation and regulations (i.e. MiFID II and related local regulations).

This implies a broad specialization regardingthe advisory service, financials directives and market practice.

He/she works as a Product Owner in the Advisorydepartment/squad within the Investments and Savings Area, together with otherexperts to fulfill the squad's purpose on daily basis within ING's Agileorganization.

He/she is a smart leader and strategic thinkerable to define and manage the priorities and simplifies the customer processes andexperience and managing the delivery along the squad's purpose.

He/She is responsible, as Chapter Lead in theAgile organization, to develop people capabilities and competencies and tocreate an high performance team.


Key Responsabilities:       
  • Implement advisory services within the framework set by legislation and regulations (design process, compile requirements, coordinate implementation aligning involved parties like Products, IT, Operations, Marketing, Legal, Compliance and External Partners) within the ING’s Agile organization
  • Set priority of the backlog, check and understand the needs of all the relevant stakeholders both commercial and technical in close cooperation with the Tribe Lead / Head of Investments and Savings Products
  • Support concretely the organization of the Investment Products Committee and actively contribute and attend; he/she is responsible for producing the contents to be shared in the Committee, in close cooperation with the investment products department
  • Keep track of market and competition developments (in the area of Advisory Models, legislation and regulations, technological developments, distribution methods and other areas) to be always state of art updated and to ensure the customer proposition as effective as possible
  • Monitor the commercial performance of the product/service by channel and raise early warning signals in case of negative phenomenon arising
  • Steer the end to end process by engaging with the data and insights gathered about customers and processes, performing changes to processes or products that could improve the performance and better meet customer needs
  • Develop effective and collaborative working relationships with all stakeholders and colleagues, within both the local and the global ING network
  • Hierarchical lead of his/her chapter, support and develop the colleagues through effective knowledgesharing and resource usage, and promote the One agile Way of Working culture.


  • University degree in Economics or related fields

Work Experience andskills:        

  • Proven track record in similar roles (+5 yr)
  • Strong understanding of the financial market, advisory services, investment products and competitors, including the regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Familiarity with the MiFIDframework and the related local regulation
  • Customer focus approach
  • Knowledge of the customer’s business and banking process
  • Capacity to adapt to complex situations
  • Ability to work in a team and lead projects defining the right priorities
  • Fluent in Italian and in English


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Please be aware that the recruitment procedures, (labour) regulations and labour agreements of Italia apply.

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