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ING International Talent Program - Retail Track: Data Analysis

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About ITP

The ING’s International Talent Programme is atailor-made four-year graduate programme. Simply bring yourskills, values and personality you have the chance to play a part in leading thechange ING wants to make. During the four-years, you will learn more about thewide environment related to the interactions between ING Bank and Retailcustomers and will help the orchestration of the commercial strategy by asynergistic interaction with the different Areas of the Bank and a holistic 360degree view of the customer.

Your journey as a trainee

The banking industry is evolving and there hasnever been a more interesting time to be part of it.
You will have the opportunity to be part of a cross-functionalteam and to work in an Agile organization in whichproactive and smart individuals can broaden their knowledge and skills.
Being part of the Customer InteractionsTribe allows you to play a key role in growing ING brand in Italy andpositioning it as a distinctive and smart player in the banking system.

As a Retail trainee, you will start yourjourney within the Customer Interaction Tribe, and in particular atthe Data Analysis Expert Team, where you’ll do your bit in helping ourclients create a better future for themselves, providing them with the toolsthey need to get where they want to go.
Starting your journey within the Data AnalysisExpert Team will lead you into a data-driven perspective,empowering your vision and strategic dialogue with the strength of dataknowledge.
Working with Data Analysis Expert Team will giveyou all the insights you need to better understand commercial trends and customerbehaviors.
As a Retail trainee in the CustomerInteractions, you will be inspired by several areas of expertise: “Voice ofCustomers” to improve your customer experience, “Customer Strategy” to learnhow to develop strategic marketing activities and a strong customerrelationship through personalized communications and offering.

Your ITP Rotation

In your first year and a half of the the programyou’ll explore different areas within ING. Each rotation could lastfrom 3 to 6 months: you’ll have the chance to start as a DataAnalyst and then learn how to develop a customer journey strategicplan or to improve the customer satisfactions discoveringuseful insights related to customer experience: all you need is data and yourcapacity to get the right vision from them!
At the end of this rotation period you will have the opportunity towork abroad for six months with one of your projects. As we are acompany with a presence in many countries across the globe, you could spendthis time in Singapore, US, Poland, Australia, Spain or almost everywhere youdream.

What we offer/ What makes this traineeship awesome

This is a comprehensive programme that providestalented graduates with the knowledge, skills and on-the-job experience tobecome ING’s future leaders. We offer you the chance to shape your own ideasabout banking in a receptive environment.
The program is truly international with over 100 trainees in 14 differentcountries. For each year of the programme there will be a global event designedas a bootcamp to develop your personal skill in the process.

What we’re looking for

• You have a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree inMathematics, Statistics, Economics, Finance, Engineering or BusinessStudies (with strong quantitative profile);
• Excellent analytical skills and problem solving
• You are interested to learn more about Marketing and Customer Relationshipwith the bank;
• You have an innovative take on banking and an unconditional drive to turnyour ideas into reality;
• You are enthusiastic and consider the interests of our customers and yourcolleagues;
• You act with integrity and responsibility;
• You are fluent in English and Italian; foreign candidates have an advancedknowledge of Italian (at least B2)
• You have a maximum of 2 years of professional experience

ING’s International Talent Programme is looking for smart, results-drivenpeople to make banking awesome.

Get on the fast track with a traineeship and apply now!

Duration: permanent contract


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Please be aware that the recruitment procedures, (labour) regulations and labour agreements of International apply.

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