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ING International Talent Programme - Retail Banking Track: Digital Channels

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About ITP

The ING International Talent Programme (ITP) isa four-year programme that develops talented graduates tobecome ING’s future banking leaders.

Simply bringing your skills, values and personalityyou have the chance to play a part in leading the change ING wants to make.During the four-years, you will learn more about the wide environment relatedto the interactions between ING Bank and Retail customers and will help theorchestration of the commercial strategy by a synergistic interaction with thedifferent Areas of the Bank and a holistic 360 degree view of the customer.


Your journey asa trainee

The banking industry is evolving and there has neverbeen a more interesting time to be part of it. 

You will have the opportunity to be part of across-functional team and to work in an Agile organization inwhich proactive and smart individuals can broaden their knowledge and skills.

Being part of the Digital Tribe allowsyou to play a key role in growing ING omnichannel strategy andpositioning it as a distinctive and smart player in the bankingsystem.

As a Retail trainee, you will start your journeywithin the Digital Tribe, where you will do your bit in helping our clientscreate a better future for themselves, providing them with the digital toolsthey need to get where they want to go.

Starting your journey within the omnichannelsquad will give you all the insightsyou need to better understand the customer digital channels usage,commercial trends and customer behaviours. As a Retailtrainee in the Digital Tribe, you will be inspired by several “digital experts”such as UX designers and Digital Analytics experts, but also you will have thechance to work with different areas of the Retail area such as “Voice ofCustomers” to improve your customer experience, “Customer Strategy” to learnhow to develop strategic marketing activities and a strong customerrelationship through personalized communications and offering, “Product Tribes”to learn more about the financials product and services. A potential evolutionof your role could be working on international projects, such asMaggie, the advanced digital platform that will serve more than six millioncustomers.

Your ITP Rotation

In your first year and a half of the program you willexplore different areas within ING. Each rotation could last from 3 to6 months: you will have the chance to start as a CustomerJourney Expert in the Omni-channel squad having the chance to improvethe end-to-end customer experience on the digital properties of theBank (Mobile APP and Website) learning how to develop or improve the digitaljourney of our customers.

You are passionate about improving the clientexperience and you will own a broad specialism regarding the digital channels.You work in a squad within a Tribe together with other experts to achieve thesquad's mission.

At the end of this rotation period you will havethe opportunity to work abroad for six months with one of yourprojects. As we are a company with a presence in many countries across theglobe, you could spend this time in Singapore, US, Poland, Australia, Spain oralmost everywhere you dream.


What we offer/What makes this traineeship awesome

This is a comprehensive programme that providestalented graduates with the knowledgeskills and on-the-jobexperience to become ING’s future leaders. We offer you the chance toshape your own ideas about banking in a receptive environment. 

The program is truly international with over 100trainees in 14 different countries. For each year of the programme there willbe a global event designed as a bootcamp to develop your personal skill in theprocess.

What we’re looking for
  • You have a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Finance, Engineering or Business Studies;
  • You are passionate about technology, digital innovation and Fintech;
  • You are interested in working in the banking industry and learning about different strategies;
  • You will be able to demonstrate strong leadership ability and excellent communications skills across all levels within a diverse culture;
  • You will be results driven with analytical capability, with the ability to innovate and simplify current process and practices;
  • You should have strong decision making skills, that use sound reasoning and when required use consultation to achieve consensus;
  • You act with integrity and responsibility;
  • You are fluent in Italian and English; foreign candidates have an advanced knowledge of Italian (at least B2)
  • You have a maximum of 2 years of professional experience

ING’s International TalentProgramme is looking for smart, results-driven people to make banking awesome.


Get on the fast track with a traineeship and applynow!

Duration: permanent contract

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Please be aware that the recruitment procedures, (labour) regulations and labour agreements of International apply.

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