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Product Owner - KYC (m/f)

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Product Owner - KYC - Customer Information Management 


Your role & work environment


The Product Owner KYC is leading a squad part of the Tribe Customer Information Management.


The Tribe Customer Information Management is delivering high value quality projects in the field of KYC and AML for ING Luxembourg.


The squad is part of a two-squad task force in charge of the local KYC-AML regulatory projects. The two squads support all KYC local processes in an harmonized manner and are also both involved in KYC process optimization related initiatives across ING Luxembourg (automation, robotics…).


Your key responsibilities


As a Product Owner ...

  • together with other POs and the Tribe lead, you own delivery of the Tribe’s purpose. Jointly you are responsible from end-to-end for the products and services of the Tribe, from vision to delivery
  • you deliver input to the Tribe Lead on status and plans, along with impediments, improvements and dependencies; you update the TL and others POs on new developments that can have an impact on the portfolio
  • you manage stakeholders, prioritize the backlog, and are clear about the product vision to guide your Squad, keep focus and solve impediments
  • for that, you ensure that Squad improvements & development ideas are aligned with the product vision and how to get there
  • as a PO, you are accountable to get the feedback from your stakeholders & have the same role as every Squad member: improve the Squad’s way of working & team performance
  • in addition, you belong to a Chapter based on your job function in which you continually develop your craftsmanship and way of working
  • you ensure that Business and Tech understand and complement each other’s expertise
  • you ensure the purpose of your Squad is aligned with the Tribe’s purpose and your main stakeholders
  • you help your Squad to deliver value incrementally and iteratively


Mindset & Competencies

  • have very good knowledge of the KYC and AML obligations related to the financial institutions
  • be at ease with the financial regulatory framework
  • have deep knowledge of the KYC processes related to customer’s onboarding and customer due diligence
  • take initiatives to improve processes and channel policies – ensure that business and regulatory requirements are implemented in the requested timeframe
  • be able to manage a very diverse set of stakeholders with very different priorities throughout the organization
  • dare to challenge: keep one eye on the purpose & focus on value instead of tasks
  • share responsibility for backlog management with the Squad
  • define the top priorities and keep in mind at all times
  • know the Squad’s cross-functional disciplines and invest in these relationships
  • ensure early and continuous involvement
  • be curious, invest time to master your end-to-end product processes and stay up to date on markets trends, risks and product information
  • know what is going on with the customer, put himself/ herself in customers’ shoes, assess the wishes and needs of customers and anticipate on this
  • have strong analytical & judgement skills to recognize key information, identify problem, establish connections and validate before acting
  • think in strategic priorities terms - based on professional expertise, be able to develop a long-term vision
  • to support the agile organization & to perform as a team, trust and encourage each other and give feedback to promote continuous improvement & team development



The Product Owner (PO) develops the Squad purpose and defines the steps to get there. He/she defines the priorities, manages the backlog and relevant stakeholders, and ultimately delivers value for the customer with his/her Squad. The PO is combining Customer Journey Expert function and important additional responsibilities. He/she is part of the Tribe leadership team and is a key support for the Tribe Lead to deliver the Tribe purpose.


PO works first and foremost as team member, and is part of a chapter in which craftsmanship is continuously developed. He/she is not the hierarchical responsible of the Squad members but participates in their performance evaluation in collaboration with the Chapter Lead and the Agile Coach. The PO has a functional responsibility on the Squad’s members.


The role of PO is definitely a dynamic one in a positive and challenging environment. The PO is a role model, both in mindset and behavior, within ING's Agile organization! If you look for a new challenge having a significant impact on the organization, apply immediately and join the Tribe!


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Please be aware that the recruitment procedures, (labour) regulations and labour agreements of Luxembourg apply.

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