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Security, Prevention & Protection Specialist

Contract de muncă | Administrativ / Achiziţii | Nivel mediu | România | 2020-09-28 | 060062


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Security & Facility Management

  • Manages equipment maintenance suppliers (UPS, Generator, extinguishing systems, etc.);
  • Prepares and updates the internal procedures of the department in his area of competence;
  • Prepares/updates and manages maintenance contracts with external suppliers to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment;
  • Provides support to Facility team members for "one off" activities;
  • Back-up for Physical Security activities;
  • Respects the Incident Management and Change Management procedures for handling internal requests.
  • Provides support in case of security incidents and emergencies that may endanger the integrity of ING Tech employees and assets;
  • Takes over and fulfills the attributions of his colleagues during the period when they are absent from work (holidays, trips);
  • Meets the requirements of his position in accordance with the ones of the internal legislation and/or the rules and regulations of the external legislation;
  • He undertakes to take note of and comply with the provisions of the Internal Regulations on labor protection and to carry out his activity in accordance with the safety instructions and occupational health received from the employer - detailed in the individual Training Sheet;
  • He undertakes to comply with the provisions of the Internal Regulations, the Code of Conduct, other norms, internal working procedures, any other applicable regulations in the field of activity, in order to ensure a good performance of the activity, in general, and to prevent risks to which both him and the company could be exposed;
  • Covers other responsibilities and specific attributions from its area of competence, delegated by superiors, justified by business needs.


Job responsibilities:

  • The main responsibility is the management of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and Emergency Situations (ES) activities within the organization, which include, but are not limited to: organizing periodic trainings, preparing/submitting work accident files, organizing Health and Safety Committee meetings, evacuation exercises, etc.;
  • Manages contracts with the external provider of OSH and ES;
  • Monitors the operation of protection systems and devices, control equipment and ventilation installations in the work environment;
  • Check the operation status of the alarm systems, emergency signal warning as well as the safety systems;
  • Manages the relationship with the occupational medicine service provider;
  • Organizes annually the occupational medicine visits for all employees of the company depending on the activity carried out by each of the employees;
  • Ensures the necessary protection measures for events organized outside the workplace.


Job requirements:

  • Education: Graduate of higher education or in progress
  • SSM inspector course: 80 hours
  • Experience: minimum 1 year experience in OHS and ES
  • Driver license
  • Computer use: database processing, spreadsheets, Word, Excel, E-mail, Internet
  • Level of knowledge of foreign language: English - written and spoken
  • Skills:

Personal: integrity and loyalty, communication skills (ability to express clearly and succinctly his ideas, facts, opinions, fluency in expressing them in writing and verbally using appropriate tools), teamwork (working efficiently and productively with others, contribution to team results), the ability to cope with changes (quick and efficient adaptation to changes in business/structure/business processes/business requirements), planning and organization (ability to plan, ability to set clear goals, ability to meet deadlines, ability to set priorities), problem solving (ability to recognize problems, identify key information, make connections between information), customer-oriented behavior (willingness to provide customer support to come in meeting their needs and (when possible) to add value), professional experience (ability to demonstrate skills in technical aspects and related to the knowledge of the job to achieve a high level of performance, ability and desire to learn, demonstrating commitment to standards of excellence).


Professional: resistance to stress, ability to work under pressure, attention to details, good communication skills, tenacity in execution, independence and initiative, receptivity and openness, creativity in developing new ideas and approaches for everyday problems/ situations, interest in self-development, a confidential and diplomatic professional approach.


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    Please be aware that the recruitment procedures, (labour) regulations and labour agreements of România apply.

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