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Anna Lakeman

Helping squads to become more data driven

Data Analyst Anna Lakeman currently divides her time between two tribes. She helps squads to take more of a data-driven approach and adds value by analysing data.

It’s a typical scenario for the data analysts and data scientists at One Analytics; they are assigned to a tribe or squad on a temporary basis where they put their analytical skills to good use. At the moment, Anna is working in the Day-to-day Banking Matters (DBZ) Experience Tribe and the Advice & Affluent Tribe, which covers savings, investments and mortgages. Anna: “The DBZ Tribe thinks up and initiates campaigns around Payments, Savings and Insurance, for example, and I’m focused on Insurance. In the Advice & Affluent Tribe my specialist area is Mortgages.”

Plenty of variety and challenges

“I split my time as evenly as possible between the tribes, and besides that I’m heavily involved in One Analytics’ ‘professional afternoons’; we take the initiative to set up all kinds of activities to help one another to progress and become better at our jobs together. I’m currently developing workshops for the customer journey map. It’s really fun and I learn a lot, but even without those extra activities I’d still find plenty of variety and challenges in my work. For Insurance, I’m primarily working on campaigns. For example, I select the right customers to approach by email, and then for the campaign evaluation I provide the funnel information: analysis of which customers have seen which activities and the response and conversion levels. These tasks are mainly focused on communication with customers, but as part of this tribe I’ve also worked on a large-scale migration in which several existing systems were merged into one new one.

In the other tribe I work for multiple teams, but so far they have always been related to Mortgages – primarily campaigns and communication. Right now, for instance, we’re testing a new app together with a small group of customers. I select the customers, analyse the results and provide feedback to the team based on the data.”


“The diversity makes my work extremely interesting, but it can also be a pitfall. I’m interested in many different subjects and want to learn – and know – everything. ‘Data’ is a tremendously broad topic so it’s inevitable that you have to make choices in terms of which areas you want to learn about in depth…at the expense of other areas. It’s better to become a specialist in a few domains than to know a little bit about all of them. Luckily, ING gives me as much freedom as I want to work on my own development. It’s such a huge plus to be able to move in whichever direction you choose. Whether you want to switch tribes, move into Corporate Banking, take the Data Scientist route – it’s all possible at ING. In that respect it’s a paradise of choices here.”

About Anna

During a gap year following secondary school Anna worked at an advertising agency. She then embarked on a part-time degree in business economics and got a job at Postbank via a temping agency. She graduated cum laude, stayed at what later became ING and progressed through several roles to become responsible for ING’s customer hotline. She then moved on to Call, where she set up the Business Office which gathered and provided management information. Anna is a mother of four – “so I have pretty good organisational skills” – and is an avid reader, especially of fantasy fiction. She is also a horse lover and still goes riding once a week. Furthermore, she makes her own clothes.

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