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AML Senior Analyst

Risk Management | Lombardia | 2019-01-30 | 054892


To effectively assist, support and advise the business unit, the AML senior analyst must develop a clear understanding of the local business practices and strategy. The AML senior analyst must act within the scope of the Italian AML Framework and the ING Group FEC Policy and must review and continually assess, improve and monitor the effectiveness of the local level AML risk management framework.

The AML senior analyst is the individual within the second-line controls organization who is responsible for maintaining an effective and responsive anti-money laundering governance framework on an independent basis from business and operational areas (and without hierarchical subordination to the head or manager of such areas).

Key Responsibilities:

1. Creating awareness of risks to AML and the consequences of external legislation and regulations within the business unit and developing training and education;
2. Supporting the evaluation and submission autonomously to the Italian Authority any Suspicious Activity Report (as “Delegato Aziendale SOS”);
3. Advising Management and advocating how to limit the AML risks by assisting Management, who maintains primary responsibility, in translating the relevant legislation and regulations into rules and controls governing the internal business operations;
4. Independently assessing and monitoring the realization risk mitigation activities and remediation plans;
5. Fostering the creation of a sense of responsibility for preventing and limiting risks by adapting the internal business operations and monitoring the realization of plans;
6. Further details of AML senior analyst responsibilities described in the MLRO Governance Manual and outlined in general terms below:

Identify the applicable laws and evaluates their impact on internal processes and procedures;
Provide advice and assistance for company bodies and top management; in the event that new products and services are offered, carry out a prior evaluation of competences;

Collaborate on identifying the internal control system and procedures aimed at preventing and combating the risks in question;
Check the suitability of the internal control system and the procedures adopted on an independent basis from business and operational areas as well as proposes the organizational and procedural changes required or appropriate in order to guarantee a suitable risk facility;
Check the reliability of the AUI feeding system and send monthly aggregate data on the data recorded in the AUI to the FIU.

Draw up a suitable training plan, aimed at achieving continuous refresher training for employees and collaborators;
Prepare direct and autonomous information flows for company bodies and the top management;

Educational Qualifications:

 University degree in Economics/Law

Technical, Language and other Specialized skills:

 Good in English (written and spoken)
 Analytical and organization skills;
 Managerial skills;
 Teamwork and collaboration skills;
 Presentation skills.

Work Experience:

 5+ years’ experience in AML roles second line of defense in international banks or Advisory Firms


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