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08 oktober 2019 ... min. Luister

Behavioral Risk Research and Advice Professional

Medewerker | Risk Management | Ervaren | Amsterdam | 2019-10-07 | REQ-10021978


ING is looking for an Research and Advice Professional to join the behavioural risk management team within the domain of the Chief Risk Officer. Behavioural Risk Management is responsible for carrying out risk assessments to identify en analyse undesirable behaviours. To mitigate the risk for ING, the team will determine interventions which will impact all levels of the organization.

This is what you’ll be doing …

As part of this new and enthusiastic team you work in a global context. Your work is centered around preparing and performing Behavioral Risk assessments following a systemic, data-driven approach, using multiple techniques to get a deep understanding of the drivers of such risk. You analyse the outcomes and together with the team you determine interventions.

Who are you?

  • Relevant work experience in a complex and global environment
  • A Bachelor or Master degree in psychology
  • Some understanding of the current market and regulatory conditions and challenges that the financial industry faces.
  • Result oriented, get things done. Have or create a network to make team effective
  • Project management, organisational skills, follow through and attention to detail;
  • Make others successful; cultural sensitivity to make a diverse team effective
  • Happy with numbers, data, processes and people

A talent for taking it on and making it happen

We seek people who keep their promises and take ownership of tasks, projects and their team. Who have the ability to listen, ask questions, and speak up. Who strive to bring ideas to life and embrace challenges. People who are flexible and consistently go the extra mile.

An enthusiasm for helping others to be successful

We expect people to put their personal agendas aside to achieve the goals that matter to ING. We value naturally collaborative people who listen to and invest in others.

A knack for always being a step ahead

We admire those who challenge the status quo and pose creative solutions to problems. People who

adapt quickly, learn by doing and have the courage to admit to and learn from their mistakes.

What do we offer you?

  • Personal growth & challenging work
  • Open and dynamic environment
  • Progressive and forward looking mentality
  • Opportunities for development and training

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