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IT Chapter Lead Front End and Services

Medewerker | Informatie Technologie | Ervaren | Leeuwarden | 2019-05-09 | REQ-10017654


IT Chapter Lead Front End & Services Leeuwarden

Your role & work environment

You are an energetic Chapter Lead that combines knowledge on front end development (e.g. Polymer, Angular…) and/or API’s with people management skills.

First of all, we are looking for an experienced Engineer (at least level “competent” in the Dreyfus model) that will work  for approximately half of his/ her time in a squad. Next to that, you will spend time on building up expertise in your chapter and developing/coaching your chapter members. Your chapter consists of approximately 10 people.

You will be working in the Tribe Customer Information Management in the Leeuwarden Offices of ING but are ready to travel occasionally if needed.

Your key responsibilities

Manage and achieve IT maturity and the squad's mission

• Spends approximately half of the time working as an Engineer in his/ her squad.

• Has an up-to-date vision regarding IT expertise and keeps abreast of developments:

• Stays one step ahead in the domain of front-end development and/ or development of API’s and applies learnings in its specific context,

• Defines and ensures application of standards in his/her own area of IT expertise.

• Organizes regular meetings to share relevant insights/developments in his/her own IT expertise with members of his/her own and possibly also other chapters.

People and Chapter management

• Encourages chapter members to develop themselves and facilitates this (e.g. providing training opportunities).

• Provides coaching both in terms of professional and of personal development. Constantly ensures development of individual members' expertise.

• Is responsible for the personal development and evaluation of the chapter members, based on input from the Product Owner, the Agile Coach and individual squad members.

• Identifies top performance and takes action at an early stage for underperformance.

• Supports talent acquisition and retention management activities (e.g. interview applicants)

• Discusses resource planning for squads and chapter with the IT Area Lead and Product Owner.


• Is a key member of the Product Owner, Chapter Lead and Agile Coach (POCLAC) sessions, where ways to optimize performance and improvement of capabilities of the squad are discussed

Creating and safeguarding the 'new' culture

• Has an active role in embedding the Agile way of working within a Spotify Model.

• Functions as an ambassador for cultural change and advocates the 'organization doing' principles rather than ‘organizational talking’ ones.

• Puts in place a culture of self-development and high performing teams.

We are looking for

A colleague with a talent for taking it on and making it happen, enthusiasm for helping others to be successful and a knack for always being a step ahead. In other words, you strive to bring fresh ideas to life and embrace challenges in a fast changing and complex environment. You are a naturally collaborative person who listens and invests in others to achieve common goals. You love to challenge the status quo and are eager to propose creative solutions to problems.

Skills and competences

The IT Chapter Lead Front End & Services

• Is inspiring and exude energy and passion.

• Has a keen IT market focus

• Is focused on collaboration

• Actively seeks help and feedback, but is not afraid to give feedback either.

• Is curious and always looks out for innovation opportunities in his/her focus area.

Experience and specialised knowledge

• You are passionate about web development in general, with a keen interest in the future of the web: ES2018, Web Components, future Web API’s, CSS modules and beyond

• Have already worked several years with Polymer and/ or Angular. Other front end development tools are considered to be and asset. AND/ OR

• Rest API development based on JAVA has no secrets anymore for you.

• You are familiar with continuous integration and delivery (GitLab, Jenkins, Artifactory).

Education and Professional certifications

• The IT Chapter Lead is at least a competent Engineer and has the education and professional certifications required for this function.


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