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08 april 2019 ... min. Luister

Senior IRM for Global Innovation and M&A Risk Management

Medewerker | Risk Management | Ervaren | Noord Holland | 2019-04-08 | REQ-10016809


We are building an integrated high quality Innovation risk support team for ING Labs, Platforms and for local innovation initiatives in order to ensure that ING takes a consistent risk management approach across geographies and business lines. Furthermore, ING needs to manage emerging risks  from new types of business. The risk team will also maintain and monitor the application of the Innovation risk framework.

A senior level IRM is needed to provide adequate advise and challenge on the Innovation initiatives, as the complexity of the activities in scope is significant. Also the activities apply to unchartered territory which means that it requires strong assessment and senior decision capabilities as well as keeping the alignment with the standing organization in case of integration in existing business processes. The activities cover multiple jurisdictions in Europe, Asia and America. Next to the diversity in jurisdictions and stakeholders, the activities cover a range of existing, changing and new products as well. The senior IRM officer needs to be capable of connecting the dots effectively in a complex environment, making risk assessments under time pressure and knowing which other experts may need to be involved. 

IRM provides advice on projects on the initiatives in Labs Amsterdam as well as functional oversight on the risk staff providing support in the local Lab teams and equity investment opportunities.

The IRM will be part of the center of excellence team for integrated Risk oversight for CiNO to make sure ING has a clear governance and consistent framework. Therefore this role has Global impact.

Job description - Officer Non-Financial Risk B

The CO is responsible for:

1. Provide input to Innovation risk framework and risk governance with respect to IRM and making sure continued alignment with the ING (IT) standards;

2. Provide risk advise, challenge and support for Amsterdam based fintechs and Lab team (CiNO) as well as support risk support set up for the international labs including research, fact finding, collection of evidence and documenting IRM activities.

3. Support proper application of the innovation framework and ensure consistency in all ING entities for Risk support Innovation/fintechs;

4. Install proper operational IT security control environment monitoring for both the CiNO operation as well as the accelerators. 

5.  Provide training and communication for the Risk community in order to make the risk function future proof as the financial services offering to our clients changes; 

6. Liaise with the applicable CIOs, CISOs, CAS and CIRM depending on the innovation initiative.

7. Perform functional oversight on IRM, involved in local innovation initiative and conduct ad hoc risk analysis where needed;

8. Pro-actively participate in challenge and report upon the risks of key innovation programs and projects.

Your work environment

The IRM works in close interaction with the Head risk for innovation & M&A as well with the other Innovation & M&A Risk team members as well with CIRM,  to ensure that IT risks arising from the activities of the C&G units are properly identified, measured, mitigated, monitored & reported.

What we are looking for in you?


  • Courage and self confidence
  • Independence
  • Listening skills and empathy
  • Oral skills and presentation
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Problem analysis and Judgement
  • Professional expertise/Market focus

Required Skills:

  • Experience as senior IRM with at least 8 years experience in relevant risk or business areas.
  • Strong track record as IRM/BCM or IT (security) expert
  • Knowledge of Banking business, processes, procedures and systems
  • Excellent collaboration skills and ability to work across both functional and geographical lines.
  • Strong ability to earn trust and respect of clients, colleagues and senior management
  • Ability to be firm when needed and show flexibility when possible
  • Excellent analytical skills and sound judgement
  • University degree (or post-doctoral) or equivalent
  • Professional education/relevant international certification (eg RE, BCI, ISC2, ISACA)
  • Organizational skills and ability to coordinate mobilize colleagues to manage the workload, even under time pressure.
  • Ability to participate in and / or manage complex and cross-functional projects.


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