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Working in Human Resources

Our HR experts ensure that ING is one of the best employers around

Internships at ING

Keen to get first-hand experience inside the bank?

We're always on the look-out for interns. Did you know that approx. 20% of our interns end up working at ING?

Freelancers at ING

Are you a freelancer and are you looking for a challenging interim assignment? ING regularly has various projects which are ideal for freelancers!

Jeroen Wetzels - Projectleider HR

The progress in my personal development was the biggest benefit of my traineeship

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Temporary work

Are you looking for a challenging role?

You can also join us through one of our affiliated temping agencies.

HR and Agile

Maarten van Beek

‘It would be fantastic if someone from our trainee track would end up in my shoes in the future’

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