Information Technology

75 vacancies

One Analytics

Making a difference for our customers through data


Solution selling

The power of metadata

Data. It's our chief asset. But it only has value when we know what it means and that we can trust it.

Nsemeke Ukpong - IT Dev-Engineer

Making our processes leaner and smarter

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Janna Brummel - IT Chapter Lead SRE team

‘At Women in Technology we get together to talk about all things techie’

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Noha Shafik - IT Chapter Lead Cards

‘My mission is to help others prosper and ING helps me to accomplish that’

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Sebastiaan Kalshoven - IT Area Lead Consumer Loans

‘We need to keep each other on our toes. After all, we work for more than eight million customers!’

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IT Chapterlead

'You can’t be afraid of having a big impact on customers'


As a new IT employee you can choose from a range of programmes

Rik van de Ven - Lead Architect Front End for Touchpoint Architecture

‘The culture here is very engineering oriented, there’s a real passion for IT’

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Arjan Broer - IT Chapter Lead of the Java Team for Mortgages

‘I can’t imagine myself ever getting bored here’

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The Core Banking University

A happy union between science and business

‘The ultimate achievement would be to collaborate with MIT, Princeton and Yale’

Bas Geerdink - Data Analyst

'Analytics is at the core of ING’s strategy. We want to use predictive algorithms to help customers make better financial decisions'

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Niels Denissen - IT Startersclass

'You have the flexibility to choose your own area of interest. See what you like, and go for it!'

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Scala Days 2017

Working in IT

Working at Europe’s biggest online bank

Freelancers at ING

Are you a freelancer and are you looking for a challenging interim assignment? ING regularly has various projects which are ideal for freelancers!

Engineering culture

Plenty of scope for top engineers


Elif Ozgen

'I am very comfortable and happy here. It feels more like an IT company than a bank!'

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Squad IT

Internships at ING

Keen to get first-hand experience inside the bank?

We're always on the look-out for interns. Did you know that approx. 20% of our interns end up working at ING?

Former van der Ploeg - IT Chapter Lead

‘I like being in the driver’s seat’

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I like the fact that the engineering culture is leading

Roderick Simons
Engineer within mobile innovation team

Within the mobile innovation team, I work with the engineers on a daily basis to develop customer software in short releases. I’m responsible for the IT delivery and help to prioritise our workload. I’m also the one who coordinates things with the internal and external stakeholders on the team’s behalf.