IT Starters

As a freshly graduated IT starter you can choose from a range of programmes.

International Talent Programme - IT Track

ING gives promising graduates an opportunity to use their talent to the full in the ING International Talent Programme (ITP).

  • This IT traineeship prepares talent for a future role, for example as a Chapter Lead, running your own Data Science team or even become the next Chief Information Officer. This four-year programme lets you shape your career the way you want:
  • In the first year of the traineeship you will work on two different projects in which you will get to know the complex IT environment of ING.
  • You have the possibility of carrying out your second project abroad.
  • Within the projects and your job you will fulfil a technical role where you work closely together with the business.
  • After the first year you will start a permanent job. You will start working, for example, as a Data Scientist, Full Stack Engineer or DevOps Engineer.
  • For four years you will receive training focused on personal, professional, technical and organisational development.
  • You will also receive guidance from management, a mentor and your trainee manager to get the most out of yourself.
  • Right from the start of your traineeship you will be part of ING’s permanent staff, so you will still be employed by ING after the end of the ITP.

    ING IT Class

    Heading for the top in IT

    The IT Class programme gives talented IT graduates the necessary grounding to become top IT specialists. The IT Class has been specially developed for recent graduates with a technical master’s degree or PhD who have set their sights on reaching the top of the IT profession. Starters with the right amount of drive and talent are given the opportunity to continue studying for a year while working at the same time.

    ING is increasingly transforming into a digital bank and has high ambitions in terms of IT. The bank is becoming an ever-more tech-driven organisation with an outstanding engineering culture. In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we need the very best people – not only experienced professionals, but also the very best starters.

    During the IT Class starters programme, you not only learn a huge amount about your own IT domain, but also about the world of banking and finance, which is a world with its own specific challenges. There is a strong focus on your professional and personal development in the form of education, training and coaching. In parallel, you gain extensive work experience by doing several rotations within different teams on very varied projects. At the end of the one-year IT Class programme, you can expect to be offered a permanent role within ING.

    Your work environment

    You will work in an internationally oriented environment, where the Business and IT departments collaborate closely according to the Agile approach. The IT teams consist of result-oriented, self-motivated professionals who enjoy delivering the best working software and keeping the reliability of our systems at top level. You will work with continuous delivery and continuous integration principles. Our system’s landscape involves in-house development, configuration of vendor solutions (incl. usage of their domain specific languages), extensive automation of processes and data analysis, and many innovative new products. The majority of the IT organization is located in Amsterdam.

    The ING IT Class promotes rotations across different domains in ING, for example financial markets, lending, payments, channels, finance, reporting, and cash pooling solutions for wholesale banking customers. You will gain a lot of experience in an exciting and intensive journey within the bank during your first year with us. Your assignments will be for example on:

    Real-time pricing systems, covering equity (structured equity derivatives), fixed income (interest rate swaps, bonds) and FX (spot, forwards) asset classes

    • Payment engines and order managers (handling real-time or batch processing)
    • Portal & Omnichannel development, achieving the best user experience
    • Cyberfraud prevention
    • High performance computing
    • API development
    • Automation of tests and operational procedures
    • Site reliability engineering

    The IT Class

    The one-year IT Class starters programme offers you the best you could wish for an excellent career move into the Tech industry. You get, to begin with:

    • The opportunity to work in an established Tech company, which provides full support to realize the IT potential of very talented individuals
    • An one-year contract
    • A unique training schedule, tailored to further enhancing your engineering skills and to gaining knowledge about the banking domain
    • Coaching by managers and senior engineers with a forward-thinking mentality
    • Three very exciting and challenging technical assignments, in distinct DevOps teams (from different domains). During the programme you indicate your placement preferences to us
    • At the end of the programme, the opportunity to be a key player on an innovation assignment together with other engineers of the IT Class

    How to apply?

    You can apply for the IT Class providing your CV, motivation letter and grade lists (Bachelor and Master until now). All documents should be in English.

    After a screening phase, you will be invited to complete an online technical assessment. The results will be analysed by a management committee together with your application documents. In case of a positive assessment, you will be invited for one of the selection days in May or June at our premises in Amsterdam.

    During the selection day, you will be interviewed by two potential coaches, have the opportunity to talk with engineers of the IT Class, and get all the information you need for a great transition to working at ING. By the end of this day you will receive an offer. The start of the IT Class contract is September 1st 2018.

    <b>Adelina Ionescu</b> Was part of the IT Class programme from September 2014 to September 2015

    Adelina Ionescu Was part of the IT Class programme from September 2014 to September 2015

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    <b>René Bulsing</b> Followed the IT Class programme from September 2015 to September 2016

    René Bulsing Followed the IT Class programme from September 2015 to September 2016

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    <b>Ioanna Tziouvara</b> Was part of the IT Class from September 2014 until August 2015

    Ioanna Tziouvara Was part of the IT Class from September 2014 until August 2015

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