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Where would IT staff most like to work in the Netherlands? And customer journey experts? Before you say “Netflix, Apple, Google or a cool start-up” or “Unilever, Heineken and Shell”, think again… The annual Intermediair Image Survey shows a different result: ING scores well among both target groups. Very well.

OK, so Google was still ranked highest among IT staff this year but ING is hot on the internet giant's heels with a brilliant second place. In the sales & marketing target group we actually ranked highest, ahead of KLM, Heineken, Unilever and Rabobank. Is it fair to conclude that these target groups are becoming increasingly aware of ING’s transformation into an ambitious fintech company? Would you agree that it’s is now fair to say that this is so? The efforts in the area of employer branding are certainly paying off: IT staff and customer journey experts increasingly view ING as an interesting option, in addition to perhaps more obvious names such as…well, see above. After all we have worked extremely hard to raise our profile over the past few years; wherever these groups are, we’re there too. We sponsor conferences, share professional knowledge, ING employees appear as keynote speakers… as well as doing a great deal more to present ourselves as an attractive employer.

Presenting yourself is one thing, delivering on your promises is another. The survey showed that the following matters are important to the respondents:

  • Attractive primary conditions of employment
  • A good work/life balance
  • Challenges in your work
  • Career development opportunities

It would appear that we are doing well on these points too – but if anyone feels differently, please let us know.

IT staff – “the most optimistic group in the labour market”, according to the survey – consider a challenging job to be particularly important, in addition to a good salary and, yes please, a generous holiday entitlement. ING ticks that box! For marketing staff the most important things are good primary conditions of employment, a pleasant corporate culture and prospects of an international career. We tick that box too!

Ranked fourth overall

ING has risen one place in the overall ranking compared to last year. We are now fourth in the overall ranking of preferred employers in the Netherlands. Every day, we want to keep getting better for our clients, so we have the ambition to climb another place in this ranking in the next few years and to achieve a number 1 position among IT staff.

About the survey

The fieldwork for the Intermediair Image Survey 2018 was carried out in the period from 7 February to 22 March 2018. The respondents are studying or have graduated at higher vocational education or university level. The survey allowed for a range of work experience levels and jobs that respondents are doing or would like to do. The sample is a representative reflection of the highly skilled working population based on gender and age.

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