Agile Coaches

Agile Coaches

Marieke Bosch - Agile Coach

After working in the hotel industry for many years, Marieke felt ready for a new challenge. One of the key criteria for her new role was that it had to be in a customer-centric environment, and she found precisely that environment at ING. Following five years as a customer relationship manager for the SME sector in Amsterdam, she moved across to Sales Support for SMEs at head office. Two years ago she changed tack and became Agile Coach.

“Funnily enough, people around me had often told me that I should be a coach or trainer, but the penny didn’t drop for me until this vacancy arose. I started in 2016 in the Lending Super Circle (department) – a familiar environment with a customer I know well. I no longer get involved on the content side, but I’m the one who keeps reminding the team members that it’s all about the customer.”

“Being an agile coach is like being a consultant; you have to be able to work in countless different domains. I love that level of variety and my job is never boring. When I started as Agile Coach, it was still early days for ING’s new way of working. There wasn’t a lot of knowledge about how agile principles could be applied in a Client Service (operational) department. We learnt on the job and worked really hard, but now our approach is as solid as a rock. It’s great to work together on building the future and discovering things. All the agile coaches for Client Services implement improvements, share best practices and work together on the strategy.”

Taking ownership

“We apply both agile and lean techniques within Client Services. This is an environment where the members are continuously involved in what the customer wants. I coach teams in taking ownership for the process, in improving and accelerating that and in growing as a team – all for the customer’s benefit, of course. Motivating, inspiring, experimenting, hosting group sessions, providing training – those kinds of things are right up my street and I get plenty of opportunity to do them all here. So although I no longer have direct contact with customers, I’m still helping the bank to become even more customer-focused.”

About Marieke

Marieke comes from an entrepreneurial family. She did her degree at Hotel Management School Maastricht and spent many years working in the hotel industry, including in the USA, China and France. She is married and has two children (a girl and a boy). She lives in a rural setting in Zeist where she enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, playing hockey and generally living the good life.

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