How do you like the sound of working on the bank of the future? Because that’s exactly what you’ll be doing as a Blackbelt at ING. Blackbelts help the bank to innovate and to improve customer processes. They work together with squads, customer loyalty teams or operational teams to tackle complex problems. Their goal? To get results for our customers.


Blackbelts generally operate in pairs, such as a junior with a senior or two Blackbelts with complementary skills. They work within the department where the problem lies, together with the people from that department in a project group made up of colleagues from various disciplines. The specific disciplines involved depend on the project in question.

What is your role?

Each project is unique and requires a different approach. That immediately highlights one of the challenges of being a Blackbelt: you’re not specialised in a particular type of problem, but instead are able to deal with all kinds of improvement and change processes. Examples of assignments can include:

  • the optimisation of existing processes, such as reducing the lead time for loan applications. In this case, you often work in line with the Lean Six Sigma methodology;
  • the design and setup of completely new processes, often based on a concrete customer request. The customer journey is the top priority, and you strive to create an optimal customer experience;
  • the use of data science. For example, your assignment may be to work on a model that can signal fraud. As a Blackbelt you bridge the gap between the data scientist and the risk team;
  • operational management. In this case, your main role as a Blackbelt is as a coach. Your fact-based approach helps the teams to deliver a better performance and continuously improve.

Freedom and challenges

You’re responsible for your assignment from start to finish. From gathering information from the team and gathering data, to testing and implementing the solutions and safeguarding the results – you’re in charge. You take a structured approach to each project, of course, but you also have room to experiment. After all, at ING we’ve chosen to be agile with good reason – inspired by companies like Spotify and Netflix. Rather than being set in stone from beginning to end, projects are split up into sprints to deliver results at regular intervals. This enables us to get things done really quickly for the customer, and to offer you lots of freedom and challenges. Click here to learn more about what the ING Way of Working involves and how it benefits our employees and our customers.

Do you have it in you?

Many of our Blackbelts have a master’s degree in business administration, technical public administration, technical business administration or econometrics, but that’s not a must. Other master’s degrees are also a good basis for becoming a Blackbelt. Things you definitely need include analytical skills, a talent for coaching people and a focus on results – plus finely honed change management skills: you’re quick to get to the heart of the matter, know how to secure sponsorship for change and find it easy to gain buy-in from people at all levels of the organisation. A fresh, critical perspective on things is definitely also a big help!


Are you keen to help us shape the bank of the future? To learn a lot in a short space of time, to rapidly advance in terms of your own personal development and for your work to have a direct impact on ING’s customers? If you’re not fazed by the thought of all this responsibility, you could well be a perfect fit within ING’s young, ambitious team of Blackbelts. We’re keen to get to know you better!

Check out the top right corner of this page for our current vacancies. If there currently are no vacancies that match your profile, but you still are interested in joining us as a Blackbelt: leave your contact details and we can inform you once a new position opens up.


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