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Wholesale Banking

Where ideas beat hierarchy. Big deals without the ego’s

<b>Steven Busch</b> Wholesale Banking trainee

Steven Busch Wholesale Banking trainee

I have gained a much broader perspective

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<b>Rob Webbink</b> Acquisition Finance & Structured Lending, Event Finance Mid Corporates

Rob Webbink Acquisition Finance & Structured Lending, Event Finance Mid Corporates

The customer always has an important reason for needing our help

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<b>Sarah Roers</b> Account Manager Customer Loyalty Team

Sarah Roers Account Manager Customer Loyalty Team

The back office was too boring for me

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The world of Wholesale Banking

ING Wholesale Banking helps companies, financial institutions and government bodies from around the world to obtain the capital they require to achieve success and sustainable growth.

A particularly dynamic division within ING, Wholesale Banking works for international customers from every conceivable sector. Acting as both advisor and lender, we are involved in everything from mergers and acquisitions to our customers’ day-to-day international transactions.

Business clients depend on our expertise

ING Wholesale Banking employs some 15,000 people across 40 countries worldwide. A large number of international business clients depend on our expertise in handling their finances. We provide a wide range of financial services to professional customers and institutions, ranging from facilitating their day-to-day transactions to providing products and solutions tailored to their particular needs in the case of more complex matters.

Challenges for financial professionals, whether young or experienced

Working within ING Wholesale Banking places high demands on your skills, knowledge and dedication. But the rewards are equally high: an inspiring, international working environment, plenty of scope to put your talent to optimum use, excellent career prospects and countless opportunities for further training and personal development. Whether you’ve just graduated or you’re already way along your career path, ING Wholesale Banking provides plenty of challenges for everyone, ranging from young to very experienced professionals. ING Wholesale Banking offers career opportunities in different fields:

  • Lending Services
  • Client Coverage
  • Client Service Delivery
  • Network
  • Real Estate
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