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Bob Haan

The debit card is supported by a hidden world of procedures and teams

Bob was a Senior Information Manager when ING made the transition to agile working in 2015. In view of his background, he saw it as a great opportunity to move into the role of Customer Journey Expert.

“I had actually been thinking about moving in this direction for a while. I won’t deny that I’m an IT geek, but I also really love talking to people and making sure that things are well organised – and that’s exactly what I do in my current role. It’s a huge advantage that I speak the same language as the IT specialists.”

“At ING, customer journey experts work within either the Experience Tribe or the Service Tribe. I’m in the Service Tribe. The main difference with the Experience Tribe lies in the marketing component. If you imagine it as a supermarket, Experience is the store itself, and the Service Tribe makes sure that the products are well presented on the shelves. Product management is an important aspect in my work; rather than being responsible for how we attract customers, I ensure that they can use our products quickly, easily and effectively. My specific role has a large IT component; I spend at least half my time, together with the developers, devising technical solutions which we then implement with the minimum of disruption for our customers. IT definitely isn’t such a big factor for all CJEs within a Service Tribe, but I enjoy it and it suits me fine.”

Smooth-running procedures

“In my current role I’m responsible for the complete life cycle of the debit card. For example, if a customer wants to request a new card because the old one is broken, they expect to immediately see how to go about it when they log in to 'Mijn ING'. I’m responsible for the information on that web page, but also for ensuring that the new card is delivered to the right address within three working days, that it works properly and that it is linked to the relevant PIN number. We must communicate clearly and uniformly at all customer touchpoints, across all channels – so not only online but also via the call centre, our branches and the Emergency Assistance number. Behind the scenes, a debit card is supported by a hidden world of procedures and teams that are constantly working to manage, improve and provide stable access to the product.” 

The entire chain

“What I really like about this role is that I have control over the entire chain. In the past everybody used to work on their own little bit of it, but I now have a complete overview and a full mandate. The time to market has been substantially reduced thanks to the agile approach. We work in sprints of two or three weeks and we can adapt and make improvements really quickly, largely based on customer feedback. It’s great to gather feedback. We regularly think: ‘Yes! You’re so right! We’ll set to work on it’.”

Freedom and trust

“ING not only treats its customers well, but also its employees. The ING Way of Working gives us the chance to get the very best out of ourselves and to take responsibility for our goals and how we intend to accomplish them. The freedom we receive and the trust that the organisation places in us creates a very pleasant working environment – plus we get a tremendous amount of opportunities to work on our own development. I personally think that’s very special, and it makes ING an even more attractive employer as far as I’m concerned.”

About Bob

Bob studied informatics at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and joined ING soon after graduation. He lives in Almere with his wife and two young sons. He enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and inviting friends round to dine on his culinary creations, preferably accompanied by good wine and good conversation.

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