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Mennat Mohktar

Women in Tech is returning to Amsterdam for two days of inspirational career-changing insight. Europe's largest event for women in technology enables the sector to hear and learn from successful people in tech about championing women, the importance of female role models, accelerating your career, getting into the boardroom, and much more. ING’s Mennat Mohktar is one of the event’s speakers, addressing attendees from every corner of the continent.

Make changes in tech more human

Mennat started working for ING 2,5 years ago. Not drawn just by Fin or Tech, but more by people’s response to our current fast moving world. “Having a long history in the FinTech field, what currently motivates me is to actually bring in a different perspective. I try to bring in harmony by stimulating positive inner transformation in people and organisation allowing them to cope with the ever changing landscape around them. Take one step at a time, know yourself and embrace the continuous learning. ING fully backs me in my approach and I feel energised by that.” 


At Women in Tech Mennat will host a presentation about her personal journey, empowering the audience to bring their ‘full self’ to the office from now on. “With full self I mean we are all diverse in our own way. We should bring that diversity into the office, and not suppress aspects of our true self when we wear the hat of a professional. Inclusiveness means you can display your passion, vulnerabilities, hobbies et cetera, and not to be shutting down angles of you.”

Happy at work

The conference provides content for women who need to progress and flourish in the tech sector. Mennat’s talk is another crack in the glass ceiling, but she emphasizes her message not being new. “It just can’t be repeated enough! My story is a mix of literature and my own experience. I see corporates losing great talent because people feel trapped, not finding self fulfilment in their workplace. I’m here to show another option: you don’t need to leave everything behind to feel happy at work again. Through my talk I’m hoping that people – wether it will be developers, engineers, recruiters, managers, directors - will leave the room with tangible tips on how they can truly open up and why that is so important.”


About Mennat

Mennat Mokhtar (36) works in FinTech since 14 years. She has gained a wealth of experience as a hands-on software developer, system analyst and infrastructure engineer in top global financial institutions in New York, London, Dubai and now in Amsterdam as an IT Area lead at ING Netherlands & Belgium for Investments. Family and health are her priority. “Beside that I have a wide rang of interests outside of technology. Yoga, meditation and eastern philosophy are a big part. I also love travel, nature and being close to water.”

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