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Nandini Chauchan and Pim Stolk

Pay with your coffee machine, an elevator or your car? With Banking of Things Nandini Chauhan and Pim Stolk reinvent banking by adding Internet of Things (IoT) to the mixture. They’ll present their journey and findings at the Berlin event ‘Codemotion’.

Only two years ago Pim and Nandini, who were working on Mobile Banking as Chapter Leads at the time, came up with the idea of Banking of Things together with other colleagues: a clever enabler of making autonomous payments with IoT devices in a secure manner. And: “Adding our bank security to IoT devices,” Nandini sums up. “We brought in the idea of Banking of Things in ING Bootcamp and joined our accelerator programme soon after. What started with focussing on the idea and experimenting, 17 months later is a product ready for launch any day now.”


Although there have never been doubts about the matter, there are many considerations to be aired before making steps. Pim: “We have to work in a decisive pace, but we don’t want to grow too big too fast. That’s why we work in a small group of 12 motivated people where each individual focuses on his task, wether it is IT-related, about UX or on the business and marketing side. We combine tried and true processes and concepts. We learn from direct interaction with the market, through the beta test and meetups. Agile Scrum is our process engine that makes everything run at top speed.”

Validated product

With their customer centric approach and evidence-based decision-making the Banking of Things team can innovate efficiently. Nandini: “We believe in our product and everyone in our team supports the vision of becoming the IoT payments standard. Our approach in business modelling is different in comparison to other companies: we want to introduce a validated product that has to work immediately at the launch, and not only pitch a concept.” 

Meet up

Nandini and Pim host their presentation at Codemotion November 20 and 21. They look forward meeting engineers, developers and other participants, in order to align if they’re still on the same page as their audience. “We are in a very early stage, so feedback about the product is crucial!” Pim concludes.



About Nandini

Nandini is Technical Lead at Banking of Things. Works for ING since 2013, first as an IT Consultant for Sogeti, later joined ING as an internal employee in 2015 “working with the best team ever, where everyday is fun!” She has been building mobile applications for past 8 years. First with Objective C and later in Swift.

About Pim

Pim started at ING in 2011. He built Mobile Banking from the scratch and catered millions of active users everyday with new innovative features. He is passionate about all mobile technologies particularly iOS and skilled in multiple languages Swift, Objective C, Java,PHP, JavaScript NodeJS, PHP, MySQL IOT Development. Currently dabbling in Server Side Swift.

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