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Allow your talent to flourish. Discover everything about the traineeship. ING offers promising master’s graduates the chance to make the absolute most of their talent on a traineeship within the bank: the International Talent Programme (ITP).

Are you considering a traineeship? ING offers promising master’s graduates the chance to make the absolute most of their talent on a traineeship within the bank: the International Talent Programme (ITP). The traineeship starts with two or three rotations, of which you can even choose to go abroad for one of your rotations, if circumstances permit to do so. After that you start working in your permanent role, during which you can still receive additional training and coaching for two years following the end of your traineeship.
You are completely in charge of shaping your own career. But you don’t have to do it alone. You start in a class of trainees, who stay with you for the rest of the programme. You become part of an international ‘year group’ of over 100 trainees – a fantastic network from which you will reap the benefits for the rest of your life. In addition, you are appointed a personal talent manager from HR who will help you to shape your further development and future career.

We create an environment that allows you to discover, and develop, your own potential. We provide you with all the facilities you need to really shine. You’re given the opportunity to spend some time working abroad. You’re guaranteed to learn a lot, do a lot and discover a lot –about your specialist area, the bank, our financial services and the future of banking, but also and above all about yourself. Because the ING traineeship revolves around your development. Are you ready to realise your full potential?

Make a real difference as a trainee

At ING we do a lot for our trainees but we also expect great things of you in return. We expect you to take the initiative. To be eager to learn and to take an entrepreneurial approach. To develop, and share, your own vision. And of course we expect you to deliver results. As a trainee at ING, you can – and should – make a real difference. As a trainee you play a crucial role in helping us to deliver on our customer promise.

Our customer promise

Empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business – that is our purpose. But to be able to help our customers make their own decisions, we need to know what it is they want to achieve. And we must be crystal clear about what we can offer them. Therefore, we promise our customers four things:

  • We keep banking clear and easy
  • We ensure that you can organise your finances anytime and anywhere
  • We empower you to move ahead with confidence
  • And we continue to improve what we do, every day

A permanent contract, attractive employment conditions and a focus on personal development

As a trainee, you’ll receive a permanent contract. This means that you’ll be eligible for the same attractive employment conditions as all ING employees. But in addition to job security, we offer you many other benefits too: a focus on your personal development, for instance. The chance to learn a lot, to grow both personally and professionally, to work abroad and to build a large – international – network. On the ING traineeship, you’ll lay a firm foundation for your future career. You will be in the driving seat of your own career and make your own decisions. We will play a facilitating role where necessary and help you to steer in the right direction.

Needless to say, there’s plenty of scope for your professional development during the traineeship. You’ll be based in various departments, working in several different roles and on numerous projects. To ensure that you gain a thorough grounding in our core business, you will follow training courses related to banking and financial services. You will also participate in four international events together with other ING trainees from around the world. That’s where you will meet the other members of your year group: more than 100 international trainees who have started at ING in the same year as you, from all across the globe – an inspiring experience. You will learn a lot about ING’s strategy, products and the challenges. Moreover you will immerse yourself in the products, services and markets that are relevant for your work. Right from day one, your traineeship is all about learning, developing and performing, but it’s also a lot of fun.

Your first project: the core activity within your track

Your project year comprises 2-3 projects, one of which you can do abroad if you wish. It is focused on one of the core activities of the track you’ve chosen. We will help you to find your first project, taking into account how you performed during the selection procedure as well as your own personal preferences and, of course, ING’s requirements.

Your second project: will you opt to go abroad?

Halfway through the first six months of your traineeship, it’s up to you to start arranging your second project. Now it’s a matter of making use of your network and your own initiative! Utilise your contact with other departments and colleagues who might be able to help you. Many trainees opt to work on an international project at this stage, and ING offers you plenty of opportunities to do so. Working in an international environment provides you with a wealth of valuable experience, both personally and professionally.

Your first job: learning while working

After your project year, it’s time for your first ‘real’ job. You will remain part of the ITP. You’ll develop your key competencies and acquire valuable experience. And you’ll deliver tangible results: your work will make a real difference at ING.


Are you interested in applying for the ING traineeship? Click here for full details of the selection procedure.

Selection procedure

Choose your country and track, submit your application online and show us your potential.


Personal development

Your development is at the very heart of your ING traineeship. ING invests just as much time and effort in it as you do.

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