Analytics traineeship

Analytics traineeship

It all starts with data

And with the people who know what can and may be done with it and how data can be used for the customer’s benefit. Will you soon be playing a key role in ING’s ongoing transformation from a bank into a tech company?

ING is currently in the midst of a radical and exciting transformation from a traditional bank into a tech company. As an inextricably linked part of that, we are becoming ever-more data-driven. We are already changing at a rapid pace, but we can and will move even faster. To achieve this, we are investing heavily – including in new talent.

Data: the fundamental basis for innovation, product development and client interaction

Client data is the source of extremely valuable information that we can use to make a real difference for our customers. Data helps us to develop products that are optimally aligned with our customers’ needs. This enables us to empower them to stay a step ahead financially in life and in business. Data drives innovation and helps to provide a solid basis for business decisions. We are already heavily data-driven in many areas, but our ultimate goal is for data to be the logical starting point for innovation, product development and client interaction in all layers and all departments of the bank.

In order to accomplish that, we want to recruit true ‘data lovers’: talented individuals for whom data is second nature and who are looking for the optimal way to prepare for a future role as a data scientist or data modeller; people who can show teams across the entire bank just how much is possible with data and then help them to unleash those possibilities.

International impact

As a trainee on the Analytics track, you will learn about many different aspects of the bank. After all, your analysis and insights will make a difference and have an impact in countless different ways. Another reason you will have such an impact is because you will have extremely large volumes of data at your disposal. Just think of our millions of customers, for example... not only in the Netherlands, but also worldwide. How cool would it be to work with such huge datasets? And how cool would it be to see your work creating real benefits for so many customers in the Netherlands and beyond?

Endless applications

There are endless applications for data, but we’ve grouped them into four categories that you can tackle as an Analytics trainee:

  • Pricing and risk models: Data is indispensable when deciding on our pricing strategy and when analysing and predicting risks, aided by intelligent models.

  • Client interaction: In order to continuously improve the service we provide, it is essential that we understand our customers. For example, we can use data to make personalised proposals that help our customers to stay a step ahead.

  • Operations: How can we optimise processes for our customers and our own employees?

  • Product innovation: Data as an innovation driver in the Wholesale or Retail Banking environment.

Contributing to the transformation into a tech company

You will make a tangible contribution to ING’s exciting ongoing transformation from a traditional bank into a tech company. In the longer term, each of ING’s departments will collaborate with one or more data experts. During your traineeship, you will get plenty of first-hand experience of how that will work. In your rotations you will be working closely with colleagues from the business on issues that are relevant for them, developing solutions in cross-functional, multidisciplinary and often international teams. You will have the chance to work with people who are the best in their field, so you will be on a very steep learning curve. And, needless to say, you will be working agile, just like many other departments within ING.

Your first project: a firm foundation

You can select your first assignment from a choice of projects that are suggested to you. This first assignment gives you a firm foundation and a solid introduction to data science within the bank. For example, you could be working on improving customer dialogues, helping with a pricing project or a predictive model for Risk, or working on people analytics tor HR. Data is everywhere within the bank!

You will formulate use cases and develop them into data science applications. You translate the insights you gain from your cases into solutions, resulting in benefits such as better client interaction, cost reductions or greater process efficiency.

Your second project: an assignment abroad?

It’s up to you to arrange your second project. By this time you will have built up a network of your own and have a clear idea of what you want to learn during your second rotation. Many trainees choose to do a short-term assignment (lasting three to six months) abroad during this six-month period.

Your first permanent role: deeper and more refined

Most trainees spend around two years working in their first permanent role. This period is all about gaining more in-depth knowledge and refining your skills. You have to arrange this role yourself too, but your network will be so big by now that you won’t find that too difficult.

Shape your own career

At ING, every trainee is in charge of his or her own career. We give you the opportunities, the tools and the facilities, but it’s up to you to use them effectively in order to make your traineeship a success.

General and specialised training courses

All ING trainees participate in our global learning events. You learn about every aspect of core banking, such as the role of a bank, the bank balance sheet, bank funding, IT processes and risk management. Needless to say, these events also help you to develop your soft skills such as business partnering, stakeholder management and presentation techniques. Furthermore, we offer a broad spectrum of training opportunities that are aligned with your specific development needs. These include training sessions to support your personal growth and development of particular competencies as well as courses to help you develop as a business and banking professional. You decide which kind of training you need in consultation with your manager.

Specifically for Analytics, there are training courses related to coding, visualisation, engineering and statistics & methodology.

A key role in the bank's transformation

Are you convinced that you could play a key role in ING’s transformation into a tech company?

Have you got a university degree or PhD, preferably in mathematics, econometrics, computer science, statistics or engineering? And do you have demonstrable knowledge of quantitative techniques and programming languages? Are you mad about data and do you just love analysing data and unleashing its power? Are you keen to take a deep dive into datasets, write algorithms and build models, and does artificial intelligence truly fascinate you? On top of all that, are you a creative individual who sees challenges as an opportunity to devise innovative solutions? And are you eager to drive change and progress to help ING become the tech company that we have in mind? Last but not least, do you have the courage to aim for ambitious goals and shoulder your responsibilities? Are you willing to invest in your own development and learn a huge amount about not only your chosen discipline but also yourself in a short space of time?

Apply online

Choose the Analytics traineeship at ING and allow your talent to flourish! Apply online for the vacancy of Analytics trainee and convince us of your potential. If you’re successful, you’ll be invited to take an online test, which is Step 2 of the selection procedure for the International Talent Programme.

You can find detailed information about the application and selection procedure here.

We can only accept complete applications. This means your CV and (provisional) transcripts of your bachelor or master grades. It’s not necessary to upload a cover letter, because you will be asked to answer questions about your motivation during the application process.

We work with two selection cycles with different start dates:

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Wolf Vos | Trainee

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Shefali Chand | Trainee

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