HR traineeship

HR traineeship

Working on HR innovations

The financial sector has undergone a period of considerable upheaval over recent years. The environment in which we operate is changing dramatically and the pace of development is fast – in the area of digitalisation, for example. At ING we want to stay at the forefront of the market, and to help our customers and employees stay ahead too. That goal demands rapid innovation, not only in terms of products and services but also in terms of the way we work and how we support our people in their own development. As an HR trainee you can be part of that innovation process. There are more than enough areas within HR where you can make a valuable contribution.

Make a real difference as a trainee

As an ING trainee you can and should make a real difference. We’re depending on you to take the initiative. We expect you to be enterprising and eager to learn, that you seek out opportunities for collaboration in order to achieve optimal results, and that you develop and share your own vision. But above all, we expect you to deliver results.

As a trainee you will take a constructively critical view of the bank’s HR activities and suggest how we could do things better. ING is a large organisation with numerous stakeholders so you will need tenacity and persuasive skills to achieve results. As an HR trainee you should excel at connecting people. You must be able to identify with issues that are top of mind within the internal organisation and translate them into HR solutions.

Furthermore, it’s an advantage if, as an undergraduate, you already have some experience of shouldering responsibility or managing a team or a project – perhaps through your part-time job or other extracurricular activities – and international experience would be a huge bonus.

A changing bank in response to changing needs

The financial sector has undergone a substantial transformation over recent years. Our complete industry and the world around us have both changed. Customers have different wants and needs than before and new competitors are emerging. Moreover, the advancements in the fields of digitisation/ technology, product innovation and new ways of working are moving at lightning speed. As a company you need to adapt to those changes, and preferably even stay ahead of them. That places considerable demands on the HR organisation, which is continuously involved in innovation projects – and often in a leading role. We’re at the heart of the business and are closely involved in helping ING to achieve its strategic objectives.

The agile approach, just like Spotify, Netflix and Google

One of the major transformations for us as a bank has been the transition to the ING Way of Working. Since the summer of 2015 we’ve been largely working in line with ‘agile’ methodology. This is the same method used by companies like Spotify, Netflix and Google, in which teams of specialists from various disciplines are jointly responsible for a project from start to finish. This enables us to respond to customer needs much more rapidly. ING is the first bank to have embraced this way of working.

Countless HR challenges

We’re not only leading the way in terms of the agile approach but also on many other HR matters, both within and beyond the financial sector. Therefore, there are countless issues for you to get your teeth into as a trainee:

Within Compensation & Benefits you focus on the bank’s remuneration policy. How should we handle bonuses, for example, in view of the pressure from wider society?

Personal Learning covers our employees’ career prospects and growth opportunities, among other things. How can we map out career paths and what does agile working mean for the personal development of our employees?

Recruitment is concerned with attracting people with the right skills. For example, ING has a great need for IT talent; how can we recruit the right people and ensure that they regard us as an attractive employer?

As an HR Business Consultant you have a more generic role connecting HR with the business.

Within Leadership your responsibilities include programmes for ING’s future leaders.

But you could also work on the implementation of a new HR system, for example, or get involved in developing a new appraisal method.

Responsibility from day one

As a trainee, you’ll be fully involved in the business from day one and you’re expected to quickly get to grips with the complex material. This is your opportunity to demonstrate how your analytical skills, customer focus, leadership capability and persuasiveness can help us to optimise our HR services. Whatever your assignment may be, we hand you plenty of responsibility right from the start.

Your first year: projects at home and abroad

Your personal HR Advisor will help you to decide on your first project, in which you will set to work on a concrete HR-related challenge.

It’s up to you to arrange your second project. Now it’s a matter of making use of your network and your own initiative. Many of our trainees opt to work on an international project in this second half-year.

Your first 'real' job: continuing to grow

In your first ‘real’ job, which lasts approximately two years, you’ll enhance your knowledge and hone your skills. You’ll continue to grow and develop within a specific area of HR, in roles such as HR Business Consultant or as a specialist in Compensation & Benefits or Recruitment for instance.

General and specialised training courses

All ING trainees participate in our global learning events. You learn about every aspect of core banking, such as the role of a bank, the bank balance sheet, bank funding, IT processes and risk management. Needless to say, these events also help you to develop your soft skills such as business partnering, stakeholder management and presentation techniques. Furthermore, we offer a broad spectrum of training opportunities that are aligned with your specific development needs. These include training sessions to support your personal growth and development of particular competencies as well as courses to help you develop as a business and banking professional. You decide which kind of training you need in consultation with your manager.

Leadership skills and content-driven training

The HR traineeship revolves around developing your management and leadership skills. Needless to say, there’s also a lot of attention for HR-related training as well as courses on topics such as advisory skills, presentation techniques and Agile Scrum. In addition, the training programme includes General Banking and CFA level 1.

Challenging enough for you?

Does this outline of the HR traineeship sound challenging enough for you? Are you keen to set to work on important HR projects that have an impact on the organisation as a whole? Do you want to be involved in the very latest HR-related developments? And are you interested in the financial services sector, do you have an innovative take on HR and an unconditional drive to turn your ideas into reality? If so, apply today!

Apply online

Choose the HR traineeship at ING and allow your talent to flourish! Apply online for the vacancy of HR trainee and convince us of your potential. If you’re successful you’ll be invited to take an online test, which is step 2 of the selection procedure for the ING International Trainee Programme.

You can find detailed information about the application and selection procedure here.

We can only accept complete applications. This means your CV and (provisional) transcripts of your bachelor or master grades. It’s not necessary to include upload a cover letter because you’ll be asked to answer questions about your motivation during the application process.

We work with two selection cycles with different start dates:

How will you change banking? Find out during the HR traineeship

On the four-year ING International Talent Programme you create your own career within HR. You learn more about your chosen discipline, the financial services sector and yourself. Do you want to have an impact on not only the financial lives of close to 9 million customers but also the bank of the future? Discover how you can today.


At this moment it’s not possible to apply for the HR traineeship. Do you have questions in the meantime? You can contact Adinda Lapré

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