Retail Banking traineeship

Retail Banking traineeship

A broad-based and varied career

The Retail Banking track within the ING traineeship provides you with a broad foundation for a varied career within the bank. Does the thought of working on various product management-, marketing- or sales projects appeal to you? Or would you prefer to be involved in improving business processes throughout the Retail bank? The Retail Banking traineeship enables you to develop your career in many different directions. One thing’s for sure: you’ll receive excellent preparation for a pivotal role within the bank.

Make a real difference as a trainee

As a trainee at ING, you can – and should – make a real difference. We rely on you to take the initiative. We expect you to be eager to learn and take an entrepreneurial approach. To seek collaboration to achieve optimal outcomes. And to develop, and share, your own vision. Above all, we expect you to deliver tangible results.

Our key priority is to offer our customers the most suitable financial products and services for their needs. As a trainee, you’ll take a critical look at the bank’s activities and proactively make suggestions for how we can do things even better. Since ING is a large organisation with many different stakeholders, you will need stamina and conviction to get results. A talent for building consensus and plenty of self-confidence are essential qualities if you are to be successful as a Retail Banking trainee.

It also helps if you have experience of shouldering responsibility by managing a team or project – perhaps through a part-time job or other extracurricular activities.

Retail Banking, the face of ING

Retail Banking is the face of ING for the majority of our more than 34 million customers around the world – 8.9 million of whom are based in The Netherlands. In this dynamic sector, we need to ensure that we’re constantly offering our customers the right products at the right time. We want to anticipate their requirements, make things even easier for them, and always stay one step ahead of the market. We do so by continually making subtle but smart changes that have a big impact. Because that’s the crux of Retail Banking: a small change can have major consequences for the bank and our customers alike.

User-friendly products, top-class service

Do you want to learn all about banking, from A to Z, while at the same time working to provide top-class service? Are you interested in what motivates people, and can you translate that into user-friendly and transparent products and cost-efficient processes? Are you keen to make a real contribution to achieving our goals and thinking about the shape of the future of finance? If so, the Retail Banking traineeship could be just what you’re looking for!

Securing our customers’ financial future

There are plenty of challenges within Retail Banking. ‘Staying one step ahead of the market’ is one of them, because the pace of change is so fast. The online and mobile channels have become an integral part of retail banking. Data analysis – collating, analysing and using millions of pieces of customer information – is playing an ever-greater role, legislation and regulations are being tightened, consumers are becoming more vocal and increasingly expressing their views through social media, for example. At the same time, we’re faced with the challenges of justifying the trust our customers place in us, of putting them firmly at the heart of our business and of ensuring that the services we offer are completely transparent. You play an important role in this. Various factors, including financial ones, can be a source of uncertainty for our (potential) customers – such as developments in the housing market, consumer spending power or the future of pension schemes, for example. We expect you to be aware of such uncertainties, and to be eager to do everything in your power to help our customers secure the best possible financial future for themselves.

Agile way of working

We are continuously working to improve our service to customers by making their finances simpler and more transparent. To help us do that, we work in an agile manner; teams of specialists from different disciplines are responsible for a particular project from start to finish. This enables us to respond to customer needs much more quickly.

Responsibility from day one

As a trainee, you will be fully involved in the business from day one and you are expected to quickly get to grips with the complex material. This is your opportunity to demonstrate how your analytical skills, customer focus, leadership capability and persuasiveness can help us to optimise our services. Whatever your assignment may be, we hand you plenty of responsibility right from the start. You’ll be in regular contact with many different departments and managers in charge of the various Retail Banking channels. You’re the linchpin of the whole process.

In the Retail Banking traineeship you’ll work for our Retail Banking clients, including Personal, Private Banking and Business clients. Personal clients are serviced digitally, via a contact center or a branche office with products such as mortgages, current and savings accounts, investments and loans. We offer these products to our Private Banking clients as well. The Business clients segment consists of small and medium sized enterprises (SME) and mid corporate clients, with products such as loans, investments or asset based finance.

A few examples of products you could be working on:

  • Together with IT developers – in line with the lean-start up method – you’ll develop an app, where clients will find everything they’ll need when in the process of buying a home
  • Developing an online platform for Private Wealth & Asset Management clients, where entrepreneurs and start-ups will be matched.
  • Help activate as many people as possible to take charge of their finances by giving them the services that help them to make choices that serve their financial situation, for example by further developing the Financially Fit Tool.
  • For our mortgages clients, release improvements of the application process: faster, more transparent and predictable.
  • Streamline the process of business lending, in order to improve the percentage of loan approvals in the application process.
  • Working with the Investment team to provide our clients with an overview of, and insight into, suitable investment opportunities.  

Your first year: projects at home and abroad

Your talent manager will help you to decide on your first project, which will introduce you to the core business of Retail Banking. Besides your own project you will work together with the Retail Banking trainees of your class at a group assignment. By working at this assignment you will gain insights about the diverse departments within the Retail Bank. The assignment is supervised by an external coach and will be finished by a presentation and advice to senior management.

It’s up to you to arrange your second project. Now it’s a matter of making use of your network and your own initiative. Many of our trainees opt to work on an international project at this stage.

Your first ‘real’ job: continuing to grow

In your first ‘real’ job, which lasts approximately two years, you will enhance your knowledge and hone your skills. You will continue to grow and develop yourself, for example in the role of a Customer Journey Expert. Furthermore you could start as Product Owner, Associate or Lending Specialist (within Business domain).

General and specialised training courses

All ING trainees participate in our global learning events. You learn about every aspect of core banking, such as the role of a bank, the bank balance sheet, bank funding, IT processes and risk management. Needless to say, these events also help you to develop your soft skills such as business partnering, stakeholder management and presentation techniques. Furthermore, we offer a broad spectrum of training opportunities that are aligned with your specific development needs. These include training sessions to support your personal growth and development of particular competencies as well as courses to help you develop as a business and banking professional. You decide which kind of training you need, in consultation with your manager.

Leadership skills and content-driven training

The Retail Banking track of the traineeship focuses on developing your management and leadership skills, and we pay a lot of attention to these aspects. In addition, the Retail Banking track includes the following training courses: General Banking, CFA level 1, Scrum and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (process management method).

Broad-based development in a dynamic field of work

Does the dynamic and challenging world of Retail Banking appeal to you? Do you want to gain a broad-based foundation for development, from which you can shape your career as you go along? Do you have a vision of the future, and are you able to share it convincingly with others? Do you already have some experience of managing teams, and can you handle a significant amount of responsibility? Are you prepared to invest in yourself and your career, and are you keen to learn a lot in a short space of time, both about yourself and your specialist area?

Apply online

Choose the Retail Banking traineeship at ING and allow your talent to flourish! Apply online for the vacancy of Retail Banking trainee and convince us of your potential. If you’re successful, you’ll be invited to take an online test, which is step 2 of the selection procedure for the International Talent Programme.

You can find detailed information about the application and selection procedure here

We can only accept complete applications. This means your CV and (provisional) transcripts of your bachelor and master grades. Incomplete applications will not be processed. It is not necessary to upload a cover letter, since we use motivational questions that will appear during the application process.

We work with two selection cycles with different start dates:

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Emmely Wigger | Retail Banking Trainee

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