Risk traineeship

Risk traineeship

The best preparation for a pivotal role within risk management

Choosing the Risk traineeship within ING is the best way to prepare for a future role as a Risk Management Specialist or, in the longer term, perhaps as a Manager of Risk Specialists, Senior Quantitative Analyst or Manager of Risk Analysis. On this track within the ING International Talent Programme, you’ll develop a wide range of knowledge and skills relevant to risk management. You’ll learn how to identify, measure, analyse and assess the likelihood of risks, thus helping us to secure the bank’s ongoing financial stability.

Make a real difference as a trainee

We expect a lot of you. A master’s degree is a key requirement for the Risk track, preferably in Econometrics, Economics or (Quantitative) Finance. But degrees in Mathematics, Engineering and Physics are definitely also acceptable as long as you show affinity with Risk and financial services. In addition, we expect you to take the initiative, to be eager to learn and to take a proactive, entrepreneurial approach, not only at the start but for the entire duration of your traineeship. We expect you to develop, and share, your own vision. Above all we expect you to deliver tangible results. As a trainee at ING, you can – and should – make a real difference.

Risk management: essential to ING’s future

Balanced risk management is essential to ING’s future. The Risk traineeship at ING is focused mainly on financial risk within Corporate Credit Risk Management and Corporate Market Risk Management. It is one of the roles of Corporate Market Risk Management to continually analyse and monitor all of ING’s market risks worldwide. Meanwhile, one of the tasks of Corporate Credit Risk Management is to analyse and monitor the risk of losses due to borrowers (including bond issuers) or ING’s counterparts defaulting.

Both during and after your traineeship, you’ll be involved in monitoring these risks, estimating their impact and drawing up strategies to balance risk, investment and capital. Decisions regarding which risks we can afford to take will rest on your shoulders. This is your chance to demonstrate that you have the insight, analytical skills and resolve to deal with exceptionally large amounts of money responsibly. Needless to say, wrong decisions can lead to huge losses, for both our business and our shareholders.

Your first project: the fundamentals of Risk

Your talent manager will help you to choose your first rotation in the team of Market Risk, Credit Risk, Risk Model Validation, Risk & Capital Integration or Risk Services. But ultimately it’s your decision. We expect you to show that you have enough initiative and entrepreneurial drive to deserve a place on such a project team, and that you can live up to expectations. Your first project will introduce you to the core business of Risk. Perhaps you’ll work as a Group Risk Analyst, analysing annual reports, external reports, financial news, company publications and macroeconomic factors from a risk perspective while taking our company’s interests into account.

Your second project: advising colleagues on risk strategies

It’s up to you to arrange your second project. Now it’s a matter of making use of your network and your own initiative. Many of our trainees choose to spend this second six-month period working on an international project, such as in London, Spain, Singapore or New York.

In your second project, you set to work in a different Risk department. We encourage you to look into the other areas within Risk in order to get a broader understanding of risk management. For example, you could work together with a team on managing all risks related to the loans held by ING, with the aim of minimising both commercial and legal risk issues. In addition to evaluating the risks involved in any transactions, you’ll also advise your colleagues on how to structure the agreements, including any mitigating factors, to ensure that they fit within ING’s risk strategy. This is your chance to demonstrate how your customer focus, professional expertise and persuasive skills can help us to improve the services we offer.

Your first job: managing risk

In your first permanent job, which lasts two years, you can enhance your knowledge and sharpen your skills. You can choose to specialize, as a Junior Market Risk Manager, Quantitative Analyst or Junior Credit Risk Modelling for example. You could be involved in monitoring and analysing market risk exposures from the wider perspective of the ING Group. Perhaps you’ll be tasked with developing new risk management methodologies or improving the measurement of interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk, liquidity risk and equity risk. You’ll often be required to present your recommendations to senior management, which only serves to underline the importance of Risk Management to ING’s overall success.

Shape your own career

These roles are just a handful of examples to illustrate the possible direction your career could take within ING. You’re in charge of your own career path. We offer you the opportunities, the tools and the facilities, but it’s up to you to use them effectively to make your traineeship a success.

General and specialized training courses

Regardless of their chosen track within the ING International Talent Programme, all of our trainees attend training courses in core banking (the function of a bank, the bank balance sheet, bank funding, IT processes and Risk Management).

The training programme specifically for Risk entails studying for CFA I+II+III. You can supplement this with further study of topics such as FRM, PRM, Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt or other internal training courses (e.g. programming).

An express route to a pivotal role in Risk

Are you looking for an express route to a management position or pivotal role within the key area of Risk at ING? Do you hold a master’s degree, preferably in Econometrics, Economics or (Quantitative) Finance (but degrees in Mathematics, Engineering and Physics are definitely also acceptable as long as you show affinity with Risk and financial services)? Do you have vision, and are you able to share it convincingly with others? Do you have strong analytical skills and strategic reasoning, do you thrive on ambitious objectives and do you dare to assume responsibility? Are you prepared to invest in yourself and your career, and are you keen to learn a lot in a short space of time, both about yourself and your specialist area?

Apply online

Choose the Risk traineeship at ING and allow your talent to flourish! Apply online for a trainee vacancy on the Risk track and convince us of your potential.

If you’re successful, you’ll be invited to take an online test, which is step 2 of the selection procedure for the ING International Talent Programme.

You can find detailed information about the application and selection procedure here.

We can only accept complete applications. This means a CV and (provisional) lists of your bachelor and master grades. Incomplete applications will not be processed. It is not necessary to upload a cover letter, since we use motivational questions that will appear during the application process.

We work with two selection cycles with different start dates:

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