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The Global Know Your Customer (KYC) organisation is a new organisation within the COO domain. Their purpose is “Enabling people and organisations to use our banking services by ensuring a compliant and competitive KYC ecosystem.” Through an innovative and transformational approach, financial crimes, such as tax evasion and terrorist financing, are prevented or detected on a global scope. The Global KYC organisation consists of a Centre of Expertise, the Delivery Tribe and KYC Operations.

By integrating all KYC related capabilities into one functionally steered organisation, the global implementation and standardisation of the Global KYC Digital Service Platform is supported.

This Platform consists of processes, enhanced controls, shared solutions and optimised operations processing across all of the business lines. The Platform helps us to achieve a more robust KYC environment that will strongly contribute to ING’s overall response towards more stringent regulatory requirements in this area and beyond.

Currently we are looking to fill a number of positions in the Global KYC Delivery Tribe. The Global KYC organisation is a 1st line department providing the ING business and functions with guidance, standardised solutions in the area of various KYC related regulations (on process, control, and digital solutions, etc.) as well as support to realize operational excellence.

Within this new fast growing agile organisation you will be part of an exciting journey towards truly global standardisation within the domain of KYC.  The organisation will grow in 2019 to 22 squads delivering all aspects of KYC through a Digital Platform approach. You will be involved with the development of state of the art solutions on socially relevant topics such as Anti-Money Laundering, Counter Terrorism Financing, Fraud, Sanctions and their global implementation across 40+ countries, affecting 36 million ING customers. Through this, we will be able to deliver our customers an optimal KYC experience, whilst remaining compliant and in control of our risks and processes on a global scale. You will be in contact with market leading vendors and thought leaders in their respective domains. As such, you will be working with many colleagues from different disciplines, geographies and backgrounds.

The Tribe consists of squads, which are built from high-performing teams consisting of 5 to 9 people. Squads are self-steering, autonomous, multi-disciplinary (BusDevOps, or a subset of these disciplines) teams with a fixed mission and purpose and take the full responsibility and ownership of end-to-end processes. Team members are 100% dedicated to the squad and have preferably all required expertise to deliver their purpose. Squads prioritise their delivery via a backlog.

You will be a Customer Journey Expert with the role of Product Owner (PO) within a squad. As PO, you have end-to-end responsibility for the product backlog management and stakeholder management as well as the delivery and operationalization of product specific Epics, Stories and Delivery Sprints.  You work within the team of the Central Product Owner (CPO) for an area. Within the Tribe we have four focus areas which together we call the Global KYC Digital Service:

  • Monitoring by which we aim to analyse ING’s customer transactions for suspicious activity worldwide;
  • Screening by which we check transactions for suspicious behaviour prior to executing them;
  • Customer due diligence for natural persons where we screen and manage the risk profile of ING’s  private individual customers;
  • Customer due diligence for companies where we screen and manage the risk profile of ING’s  business customers. 

We are looking for a PO  in a squad in the Monitoring area.

You work closely with your CPO and carry responsibility for the product vision, backlog management and stakeholder management within your squad. Team playing is key.

You will typically  have 5-9 members in your squad working on the product. You work with and support other colleagues in your BussDevOps team to ensure the delivery of a great product to your customers.  You manage the quads to deliver the product vision in a multidisciplinary environment where understanding of the IT solution is a must.  

Whilst you have the PO role you will often be working on business analysis and refining features into stories for both the team as well for stakeholders so they clearly understand the value and understand how the solution meets their requirements.

As a PO, you are  a team player, leader, motivator  and an  expert with a track record in delivering and monitoring the product in a multidisciplinary, international team with complex objectives, operating in a fast-moving, challenging environment.

Together with your CPO, you will  initiate and drives change, working closely with customers and  key stakeholders on vision, strategy and the roadmap.

You are actively involved in the maintenance, development and realization of (new) products / services / functionalities for (end)users of the Global KYC Digital Service. As an expert, you will deliver all the necessary business know-how and skills within the Squads to realise shared purpose, day by day.  

As a PO, you also provide input for the roadmap of the CPO and initiate the Stories and Features for your Squad in a way that creates the highest business value to the Global KYC Digital Service Platform. 

As Product Owner (PO):

  • You support the CPO  in the execution of the Tribe Goals;
  • You,  create and communicate a Product vision and strategy for your Squad;
  • You solve impediments encountered in the development of the Product;
  • You maximize the value of product delivery through owning, ordering, prioritizing and communicating the Product Backlog, adhering to agreed boundaries set by the CPO on time budget and functionality;
  • You manage an prioritise the backlog of the Squad
  • You are actively involved in the creation of stories and features for your Squad;
  • You monitor the quality and performance of your Squad;
  • You work closely and proactively together with college’s to realize our goals;
  • You are responsible for the ‘what’ in a Squad, ensuring that functional and non-functional requirements are met for all stakeholders. Non-functional requirements include, but are not limited to: security, resilience, performance, contractual, legal and compliance requirements and obligations;
  • You will take the role of an end-consumer representative for the product and ensure that the end-consumer’s experience and compliance is recognized by the Squad.
  • You are able, together with the CPO, to approve the change and will, in case of an existing product, take care for further developing the product by initiating new Epics, Features and Stories;
  • You ensure alignment with other Squads that fall under the Central Product Owner (CPO) and the Tribe.

As Product Owner (PO):

  • You represent the voice of the customer, have a strong vision on how to attract consumers and focus on continuous improvement of the journeys ING offers;
  • You manage the backlog, prioritise to highest business value and monitor the outcome of your deliveries
  • You lead and inspire your Squad and foster collaboration in the Squad between business and IT
  • You support the development, implementation and communication of the Global KYC Digital Service Platform and its roadmap in your area.
  • You define business requirements for the development of products and services in the KYC scope and play a supporting role to your CPO  in the QBR;
  • You are able to simplify solutions and processes and tell the story clearly to various international stakeholders;
  • You are focusing on implementing working solutions rather than only designing them and you are energetic in getting things done and making complex issues simple and easy to understand. You are able to visualize complex issues in a understandable way;
  • You are responsible for taking the epics assigned to the team and implementation of the user stories required to realize these;
  • You work proactively with end users (compliance, owner of cam risk scenario’s) to refine their features to stories and implementations to enable business efficiency and regulatory compliance. Takes ownership of a broadly defined direction and enjoys working within a team to make these into reality;
  • You work with colleagues from the Global KYC Centre of Expertise to ensure all solutions and processes are compliant and fit-for-purpose;
  • You contribute to the ING One Agile Way of Working and safeguard the Orange Code;
  • You ensure compliance with ING’s policies and standards;
  • You stimulate cross-border interaction and alignment between people, Tribes, Squads, Chapters, FO organisations, Local KYC activities and Service organisations;
  • You give and ask for constructive feedback.

We are looking for:

An inspiring, energetic & approachable Product Owner, displaying the following behaviours:

  • A proactive, can-do, no surprises and positive mind-set;
  • Experience in the area(s) of multidisciplinary complex deliveries with a track record of fast learning, preferably in the area of KYC, Client On boarding, Client Maintenance, AML or Compliance;
  • Experience and affinity with working together in IT and solution-build driven teams;
  • An ability to facilitate decision-making, driving complex design issues to a conclusion;
  • Strong organisational sensitivity; ability to understand and take into account the underlying issues, opportunities and dynamics of an international organisation with multiple functional lines and one hierarchical line, dealing with multiple (sometimes conflicting) interests;
  • A strong focus on understanding the business requirements and supportive data to build the target operating model design in line with ING’s ambitions;
  • The agility to adjust the approach if required;
  • The ability to work successfully in multiple countries and make sure these different cultures will work together as one team; taking into account different habits, beliefs, languages and time-zones, etc.;
  • The ability to display style flexibility to teams and adapt plan, approach and behaviour to the different needs, cultures and situations;
  • A strong resilience; ability to navigate through ambiguity and simplify complexity without losing essence.

Proven track record and technical skills:

  • Master or bachelor degree;
  • Minimum of 5 - 10 years working experience (depending on role specification and related seniority level);
  • A personality and the capabilities to optimally function within an Agile environment;
  • Natural Leader;
  • AML Post Transaction Monitoring background is a preference;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Experience/affinity with innovation KYC, Data and IT;
  • Experience in guiding and realising change;
  • Strong communicative, networking and influencing skills;
  • Proven experience in large consultancy initiatives with high impact;
  • Fluent in English speaking and writing.

We are offering:

  • a full time position
  • competitive salary based on your experience including  a 13th month, holiday allowance and individual savings plan
  • 27 holidays based on a 40 hour contract
  • pension
  • public transport pass
  • personal growth with many opportunities to develop yourself further
  • informal work environment with innovative colleagues who strive for the best
  • agile way of working


Questions about this opportunity?

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