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What does it take to Be ING

ING’s purpose is: empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. What does this mean for you? What does it mean to work for an organisation that has such a challenging purpose? What can you expect from ING and what can ING expect from you?

Employment conditions

ING leads the way with its outstanding employment conditions and benefits

At ING, we consider it essential that our employees have access to all the facilities which enable them to do their jobs properly and that they can continually work on their own personal development. Needless to say, that includes attractive terms of employment. We believe it is fair to say that the employment conditions and benefits we offer really set us apart from the rest. In several respects, we truly stand out and set an example for other companies.

As an ING employee, you will receive an excellent salary. At ING you start building your pension on the day you join the company. You can opt for a public transport pass, travel allowance and in some cases a lease car. You may also decide on part of your employment conditions yourself. With the ‘Keuze Budget’ you can, for example, make monthly choices about the (partial) payment of your vacation allowance and the 13th month.

Start-ups need all your energy

ING is the first large employer in the Netherlands to offer new parents four weeks paid and three months unpaid parental leave.

Because your most important work does not always happen at the office


Besides our terms of employment, ING investis in craftmanschip. That is what keeps ING great. Taking responsibility for expanding continually your capabilities, resourcefulness and networks. Surprising yourself: not with how good you are,but with how good you can be. Whether you are an intern or a Tribelead, we expect you to work at becoming more sought after for your expertise with every passing day — both within and from outside ING. After all, nothing creates opportunities faster than being great at what you do.

When the going gets though

Even the most resilient amongst us can sometimes use a coach working their corner. So when things go wrong, our vitality coaches are here to listen and help you back on your feet. And because we need you to be energised and thinking clearly, we also offer programs to improve your energy and work-life balance.

Nobody gets to the top alone.


We want you to make a difference at ING. So we need you to be sharp. Full of energy, focused on getting important work done, and inspiring confidence in those around you. Achieving this means more than offering gym memberships. It means giving you time away from ING when you need it. Making sure you feel comfortable and supported. Ensuring there is a place for you to go where someone you trust is ready to help guide you with fitness, goal setting, nutrition and exercise. And because we’ll all still be working when we’re 67, encouraging you to keep yourself fresh by taking plenty of time off with periodical sabbaticals or long holidays.

Time on your side

Giving the best of yourself every day asks also that you take the time and rest you need to recharge. Which is why we encourage sabbaticals: unpaid leave to give yourself a fresh perspective. Why we give you one and a half days diversity leave. Paid leave for whoever and whatever matters to you: Carnaval, Suikerfeest, Gay Pride
or the day after. Why we offer you the possibility to buy extra vacation days.
And for when you’d like to save a little more, why we’re happy to buy back vacation days you don’t use.

Because the more freedom we give smart people, the more committed they become.

Be yourself

At ING we celebrate diversity and strive to create an approachable environment. Why? Because we need you to be throwing all your energy into your work — not wasting it on pretending to be something you aren’t, having to defend yourself for who you are, or worrying about being judged by others.

Be yourself. Nobody is better qualified.

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