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What’s the key to job satisfaction for you?

Every day, we’re working on innovations for ING’s 8.5 million customers. We are a bank with big ambitions and ambitious employees. We expect a lot from our people, but they receive a lot from us in return! So when it comes to your job and the perks, what makes you happy?

At ING, our mission is to ‘empower people to stay a step ahead financially in life and in business’ – not only our customers, but also our employees. In line with this, we offer a unique – and sometimes even surprising – benefits package. For example:

  • We were the first employer to give new parents one month’s paid leave, even before there was any legal provision in place in the Netherlands.
  • We stimulate employees to take sabbaticals and unpaid leave.
  • We give you 1.5 days of paid leave and 1.5 days of unpaid leave for ‘diversity days’ which you can use to celebrate occasions that are special to you, such as carnival, Sugar Feast or Gay Pride.
  • We are experimenting with unlimited annual holiday so that you can decide how often and for how long you take time off.

It sounds pretty pioneering, right? But that’s not all...

Professional competence

As you get better at your job, your work becomes even more interesting and enjoyable. At ING, you take responsibility for your own personal development and your career path. Building your professional competence is part of that: honing your skills and inventiveness and expanding your network in preparation for the next step in your career. At ING, we offer you all the tools and opportunities you need.

Employee well-being

Needless to say, we are keen for our people to be energetic, focused and ‘fit for work’ at ING. But sustaining the necessary level of energy and focus requires effort and can be hard work sometimes, especially now that people are retiring later in life. That’s why ING invests in your well-being; we do all we can to help you stay in top shape, both mentally and physically. In fact, we even work with a special programme – and no, it doesn’t only revolve around fitness and nutrition. It also focuses on relaxation, coping with stress, striking the right work-life balance, and setting and accomplishing your own goals… with extra help available if you need it.

Job satisfaction

It is important to us that you’re happy at work. Because, let’s be honest, your job is a lot more satisfying if you enjoy what you’re doing, if you feel valued and have opportunities to work on your development, if you’re in top physical and mental shape and have clear goals to work towards, right? 

What makes you happy at work? Only you can answer that question. ING’s terms and conditions of employment tend to be based on principles rather than rules, giving you the freedom to make choices in line with what suits you best. At ING, your job satisfaction is in your own hands.

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