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Njoek Huong

I meet a lot of people from different cultures: there’s so much to learn

Njoek started her career as a Mortgage Operations employee at ING in Leeuwarden. Both there and at her new workplace in Amsterdam, she felt at home from day one. “At ING you realise that you really can be yourself. There are people here from different cultures – I myself am Chinese-Vietnamese – and people are very open.”

”In a previous interview Njoek spoke of her ambition to have a more commercial role. That wish came true several months later, when she moved to Service Point as a Branch Advisor, giving her direct contact with customers. Talking to people, finding out what they want and how she can advise them is what she likes doing best. “At ING people are interested in each other. That’s also encouraged in various ways through contact with each other. For example, I’m a member of the RING young people’s network and GALA, the Gay and Lesbian Network, even though I’m straight. I’ve got to know a lot of people in that way.”

Centre of the boat

In August, for the third year in a row, Njoek will be on the ING boat at Gay Pride. “Of course I’m taking part again! It’s so nice to be there with such a diverse group of people. The first time we took part we won a prize straight away. The second time I was more by myself, on a kind of stage. Dennis Diem had designed a beautiful dress and I had to dance on very high heels for hours on end. It was extremely tiring and really great! But I think it’s better to experience it as a group, so this year we’re all taking part again.”

Colourful diversity

Njoek is keen to stress that working in a bank is not at all formal and boring. “People sometimes still think the bank and the people who work in it are grey. At ING that’s really not the case! It’s diverse and colourful and there are people here chasing big dreams and coming up with great ideas. There’s also room to develop ideas and to develop yourself. I’m far from bored here.”

About Njoek

Njoek has travelled a fair amount, including to Vietnam, Japan, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan. “I dream of living and working somewhere else in the world one day, to experience life in other circumstances.”
Since she visited Japan, Japanese food has been her favourite. “It’s very diverse and different to what we have here in the Netherlands. At Japanese Kitchen and Bar in De Pijp you get close to it and it’s a great place to eat.”
She likes watching movies, especially adventure (“In ‘42 meters down’ I felt the excitement of swimming with sharks again”) and fantasy movies (“I love being taken into a different world”).

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